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Friday, March 12, 2010

Remember Me Review

Tyler Hawkins is a smart but brooding college student who lives in a typically run down apartment in New York City with his roommate, Aiden. One night after clubbing they witness a couple guys getting beaten up and Tyler intervenes. Later the investigating detective lets him go but he mouths off to him when the detective wants to arrest the men that were attacked. He gets slammed to ground and arrested too.

Aiden (Tate Ellington) calls Tyler’s father who sends a lawyer. There is a lot of unspoken animosity between father and son. The elder Hawkins, Charles (Pierce Brosnan) is a high powered businessman who doesn’t have time for Tyler or his sister, Caroline (Ruby Jerins). After the yearly pilgrimage to the grave side of Tyler’s older brother, Michael who died at the age of 21 his family gathers afterwards for lunch. Everyone seems to have a hard time dealing with his untimely passing. His mother (Leno Olin) believes this is what Michael would have wanted. To lighten the mood, Caroline wants to share the news that she had been selected for a prestigious program for her artistic talent. In the middle of her news, her father interrupts. Tyler tags this behavior as a deliberate slight and calls him on it. This starts a row with Tyler storming off.

Aiden recognizes the detective who arrested them dropping off is daughter at their college. He urges Tyler to make a move on her to get back at the cop and he reluctantly complies. He is intrigued that she is not only attractive but smart when he tries to cute meet Ally Craig (Emilie de Ravin). He manages to ask her on a date. They are both surprised to find they enjoy each other’s company and start spending more time together. One night after partying a little too hard, she gets sick and before she passes out she asks Tyler to call her dad, but her phone died. Her father Sgt Craig (Chris Cooper) is over protective of his daughter and in a fit of anger slaps her after she returns. She runs back to Tyler’s house and he lets her stay.

Tyler tells Ally about his brother suicide and Ally tells him how her mother was murdered 10 years earlier. Every day Tyler writes letters to his brother in his journal. It must be this sensitive side that Ally finds attractive, because otherwise Tyler doesn’t seem to have any particular ambition or direction and seems to have an anger problem. But the couple in the heady days of young love hit a wall when the truth of Tyler’s original purpose to meet her comes to light

This must be Will Fetters first screenplay because there is nothing else listed on IMDB.com. The story center’s around Tyler’s unrelenting angst and the faithful sibling support towards his sister. Something that Robert Pattinson has certainly honed in the latest Twilight series. Directed by Allen Coulter (Hollywoodland), the film is slow and emotionally painful. All of these characters are suffering for the loss of a loved one from a traumatic experience trying to find hope, love and redemption. So by the end of the movie why did the writer feel the need to just slap you down again?
(Reviewed by Reesa)

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