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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Guest

Dan Stevens is terrifyingly good in this film to where I do not want him in my house as a guest. I only kid as that is what a good actor is suppose to do, lose themselves in a role. This film is directed by Adam Wingard, director of last year’s hit “You’re Next”, and he brings us an homage to 80’s horror, suspense and thriller films and it works.  It’s suspenseful, brutal, and packed with the dark humor, that this is an entertaining ride from start to finish.  Adam has said “You’re Next” and this one are in the same universe, and after seeing both I can say I am a huge fan of Wingard’s style and I can’t wait to see more from him, especially if it’s in the same universe. It is directed with a distinct flair, and I will say he is like the horror, suspense version of Quentin Tarantino. It reminded a lot of the “Halloween” films and how Michael Myers is portrayed, which I really enjoyed.

Dan Stevens plays the title character, the guest, and the story is basic. A man comes to the house of a fallen solider claiming they were combat buddies in the military, then afterwards the crap hits the fan and we see why the guest is the way he is. I really don’t want to say anymore because I want you to experience it firsthand. The rest of the cast is fine, sometimes laughably bad, but Dan Stevens sells this role as a guy who can likable one moment and then you want to kill him the next. If you want to be creeped out, Dan has a few scenes where he is staring blankly and it is terrifying; and for the ladies he takes off his shirt, so if your boyfriend or husband drags you to this, you have that to look forward, too.

The film is shot well and the action, violent scenes look graphic and gory in all of its glory. With this being an homage to the 80’s, the color palette looks very bright and kind of dirty adding an older look to it. With its runtime at around 100 minutes, it flies by, however, I can see people being bored at the beginning; there is a slow build up to the final act. The pacing didn’t bother me because I just wanted see what crazy, brutal antics the guest was going to do next. If you liked or loved “You’re Next”, you will like this one as Adam makes another film that shows us he is re-inventing the horror, suspense and thriller genres with his fresh, unique approach that will stand out among the crap coming out today. This is badass film and damn fun, entertaining ride. I want to see that third film to cap off the trilogy in this cinematic universe. 7.5/10
(Review by Chase Lee)

Check out the interview with director, Adam Wingard, and writer, Simon Barrett; and the interview with Dan Stevens below!

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett Interview: 

Dan Stevens Interview:

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Movies Scheduled 9/14-9/20

I hope everyone is enjoying this weather!!

Thank you all, I haven't had to reject many replies! It is super awesome! Make sure you get only tickets you are going to use and not batter for better movies. Sure I know that we all enter several contests since we don't know if we will win. I know things do come up and you can't make it but grabbing up passes when you know you won't go and not letting someone who will go just isn't cool.

If you have any questions please email me at

Sunday September 14th

Monday September 15th

The Judge 7:30 p.m. Angelika Dallas
The Is Where I Leave You 7:30 p.m. AMC Northpark
The Guest 7:30 p.m. Alamo Drafthouse

Tuesday September 16th

War Of The Arrow 7:30 p.m. Alamo Drafthouse
The Maze Runner 7:00 p.m. SMG Northwest Hwy.
A Walk Among The Tombstones 7:30 p.m. AMC Northpark

Wednesday September 17th

A Walk Among The Tombstones 7:30 p.m. Cinemark 17
This Is Where I Leave You 7:30 p.m. SMG Royal
Hector and The Search for Happiness 7:30 p.m. Angelika Dallas

Thursday September 18th

Friday September 19th

Saturday September 20th

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Dolphin Tale 2

Obviously any movie that includes a number means it's a sequel to a previous film of the same name. In this case, it's 2011's Dolphin Tale. Reprising their roles the kids in the first movie are now teenagers, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium which was on the verge of closing is now expanding and successful, and the amputee dolphin Winter is still the star of the show. Written and directed by Charles Martin Smith, the film still carries a heavy faith based agenda, but it manages to offer some character development with the themes of growing up and letting go.

Sawyer (Nathan Gamble) has been offered a scholarship to special program on a tall ship studying marine life. It's a one chance opportunity that shouldn't be missed. However, Sawyer is worried about Winter who has been acting strangely. Her longtime companion dolphin has just passed, and Mandy who they had hoped to pair with Winter is rehabbed enough to be sent back to the wild. If they can't “fix” Winter, she will have to be transferred to another facility according to the USDA inspector. The sea life rescue operations are featured in detail as the aquarium volunteers saves a young motherless dolphin who they name Hope. Hopefully they will be able to introduce her to Winter so they can bond.

Ashley Judd is back as Sawyer's mom who offers sage advise, and tries to urge her son to accept the scholarship. Harry Connick Jr is the noble aquarium vet, Dr. Clay Haskett and the father of Hazel (Cozi Zuehlsdorff), Sawyer's best friend. Morgan Freeman as Dr. Cameron McCarthy lends the production some class as the designer of Winter's prosthetic tail. And blink and you might miss him Kris Kristofferson as Hazel's grandfather. Bethany Hamilton, the real life surfer who lost her arm to a shark, plays herself as does Winter who both offer role model inspiration to all the amputee's that come in buses to witness the miracle of tail less dolphin.

The movie is quiet and easy paced when compared to other kids animated movies that color bomb your brain and it's headache inducing high pitched voiced characters. Dolphin Tale 2 offers a view behind the scenes of an aquarium with it's dedicated volunteers that help it run and the training they must undertake. Emphasis is on the goal of the aquarium to rescue, rehabilitate and release wild life and when necessary by offering medical assistance. The scenes with the dolphins are assisted with some aminatronics and visual effects. The scene stealing Pelican is a nice sub plot with him stalking a sea turtle that is rescued. Over all a good family picture, if you don't mind nothing much happening.
(Review by reesa)

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The Drop

How I can give my review and describe better this movie from my personal point of view; where so many things going on and happen at once and at the same time. This film is an American crime-drama film directed by MichaĆ«l R. Roskam and written by Dennis Lehane. Tom Hardy stars as a man looking to reform his criminal ways that gets mixed up in a bad heist and a killing resulting from a lost and contested pit bull. Noomi Rapace will play Nadia, a woman with a scar across her entire neck who crosses paths with the first actor and protagonist; when he finds a wounded puppy outside her home. Bob and Nadia talk secrets and past lives right after they met.

The drama follows and describe lonely live of a Boston bartender, Bob Saginowski, role played by (Tom Hardy), who rescues a puppy from a garbage can and becomes the target of the dog's abusive and mentally unstable former owner, Bob really likes his new puppy that he named Rocco, Nadia also offered her help to rise Rocco and take care of the dog when he is working in the bar; while simultaneously Bob getting caught in the middle of a criminal conspiracy playing out in his mob-controlled bar; The film describe and showed how Bob got involved in a covert scheme of funnelling cash to local gangsters – where his cousin’s bar is used as a “money drop”; James Gandolfini play the role as Cousin Marv; who got kill by one of the organize crime gangsters.
The movie showed to us how Bob finds himself at the center of a robbery gone awry and entwined in an investigation that digs deep into the neighborhood’s past where friends, families, and foes all work together to make a living no matter the cost.

This movie is must only for adult audience; people can follow the drama and understand why Bob have to act like that under certain circumstances in his life. He got tired of the black mind of the older owner of the dog; asked him 10 grants to keep the dog, or give it back; one day after the big Drop of money after the Super bowl event in the bar; this is a very busy in the bar, after must everybody left the bar, Bob tired of this man just killed him in front of Nadia; She promises to keep it quiet. Life continues his course like every day and nothing wrong had happen.
(Review by Diana Downing)

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Movies Scheduled 9/7-9/13

Please make sure to not ask for passes until all the contests are over. Take the time out and fill out the contests forms. Sure some people end up getting extra passes but don't make them do all the work for you.

Don't leave your chair holding your spot all day long. If you do then don't be surprised when you come back at it is at the front desk. Now if you go get something to eat that is one thing, but leaving it while you go to work and then come back isn't right at all!

Sure you may think oops I didn't read the email and just replied to the group. Trust me it isn't just one person in a blue moon. Sure sometimes it is the same group of people doing it over and over again. Some days you just want to hit your head into a wall but that wouldn't help anyone, now would it.

If you have any questions please email me at

Sunday September 7th

Monday September 8th

This Is Where I Leave You 7:30 p.m. Magnolia

Tuesday September 9th

Dolphin Tale 2 7:30 p.m. Angelika Dallas
The Drop 7:30 p.m. Angelika Dallas

Wednesday September 10th

No Good Deed 7:30 pm. AMC Northpark
This Is Where I Leave You 7:30 p.m. TBA
The Guest 7:30 p.m. TBA

Thursday September 11th

The Maze Runner 7:30 p.m. Alamo Drafthouse

Friday September 12th

Saturday September 13th

Mayhem: Mayweather VS Maidana 2 TBA

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Friday, September 5, 2014


Innocence. Many of us long for a world where innocence in our young girls is valued and celebrated but in this self proclaimed supernatural, horror, thriller, romance, INNOCENCE just might get you killed. Beckett is a 16 year old shy and moody girl, who suffers several losses. She loses her beloved mother while surfing with her family in Montauk, loses her home 4 months later when her novelist father moved the two of them to New York City to a large and gorgeous apartment, and what friends she may have had when she starts school at an exclusive prep school, Hamilton, full of beautiful, perfect students from wealthy families. The school is too perfect like something out of Mansion Beautiful. The staff are too perfect, all appearing like former models in professional attire. It appears that Beckett has connections, too, in gaining such rapid admission to such an exclusive educational institution.
But quickly, we sense something sinister is up.

The staff are way too attentive to Beckett and her father. Too nice, too accommodating, creepy friendly and just a little too clicque-y. They even have a Hamilton book club (for the adults and alums, not the students). Even the board of directors is full of trophy wives who are too young looking to have teenagers at Hamilton. They may just be well preserved. The school has its own medication prescribing psychologist which turns out to be very convenient when a student decides to commit suicide and follow in the footsteps of two former students. Beckett begins to have hallucinations and weak spells that land her quickly on the couch and get her a quick pill prescription. Dad should be asking tons of questions but his attentions are being charmed away at home. Beckett only has eyes for Tobey, played by Graham Phillips and is on a one track mission to find her salvation in his eyes and arms. Who knows? He may have the "one thing" she needs to save her life from the coven at school and help her lose her innocence.

The dad, famous writer Miles Warner (Linus Roache), seems to care about what his daughter is going through but quickly adjust to his own loss by taking up with the school's runway model perfect nurse (Kelly Reilly) so we know he will be ok soon...... We know right away that Beckett is in danger amongst the towering, flowy- haired staff with their twinkling eyes and hushed conversations. Female Twihards, their mothers, and boys who love them (or think like them) will squeal at the budding romance that smacks a little too much like Twilight's Bella and Jacob.

The film is pretty, the dialogue super simple, the plot somewhat predictable, and the acting only fair to middlin. Screened at the Austin film festival almost a year ago, it has taken its sweet time getting to the big screen. Written and directed by Hilary Brougher and co-written by Tristine Skyler, it contains much pause and dead space as the continual emoting fills our eye. While the book by the same name that the film is based on (written in 2000 by Jane Mendelsohn) seems to have its fan base, one noted comment was "can't wait 2 see ur movie" tells us all we need to know. Movie info posted on RT tells us "INNOCENCE is a chilling allegory of the precarious state of an American teenager, explores themes of loss, the human condition and a society torn between purity and narcissism". I find this a very complex description of of a slightly vapid movie that is trying to take itself way too seriously. The ending is a bit silly and unfulfilling, but probably the only way it could resolve, and Beckett will need to adjust to even more loss. Most of us are simply to old or two young to really appreciate this effort.
(Review by Cheryl Wurtz)

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Life After Beth

I haven’t really seen a good horror comedy since “Shaun of the Dead”, but this one came pretty close. This one follows Zach, played by Dane DeHaan, as he mourns the loss of his girlfriend Beth, played by Aubrey Plaza, but Beth comes back from the dead and the movie progresses. That is about it, but what made it work were the acting and the clever writing. The direction of the movie felt like a solid, horror comedy indie that I had fun with, just not too much fun. The tone was fine but I felt like the humor missed for the most, despite some really funny scenes. Most of the humorous scenes came from Plaza as she is known for comedy versus DeHaan who isn’t, but I still liked their chemistry on screen. The other actors, which include John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon, are a nice supporting cast and they add some humor but I felt like they could have been played by anyone.  The movie is shot well and has an apocalyptic feel and color pallet to it just
adding to the fun and quirky story. At its ninety-minute runtime, the movie flies by, as it is entertaining to watch. This is good, entertaining horror comedy with exceptional acting and an interesting story, sometimes funny, that spins something fresh on the horror comedy genre. However I have seen better in the genre, but if you like horror comedies I think you will like this one. 7/10
(Review by Chase Lee)

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