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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Movies Scheduled for the Week of Oct 20 - Oct 26

Got this message from Yahoo Groups:

Attention: Starting December 14, 2019 Yahoo Groups will no longer host user created content on its sites. New content can no longer be uploaded after October 28, 2019. Sending/Receiving email functionality is not going away, you can continue to communicate via any email client with your group members.

Not exactly sure what this means. And frankly I don't have time to figure it out right now. Trying to pack and find a place to live before the end of the month. Anyone with suggestions on a new group location will be appreciated.

Lots to choose from this week.

Oct 20 - Oct 26

Sun - Oct 20

Terminator 2 - 7:00 pm - Alamo Lake Highlands

Mon - Oct 21

The Current War = 7:00 pm - Angelika

Tue - Oct 22

Black and Blue - 7:00 pm - AMC Northpark
Harriet - 7:00 pm - AMC Northpark
JoJo Rabbit - 7:00 - Angelika
Sea of Shadows - 7:30 pm - Frontiers of Flight Museum

Wed - Oct 23

Countdown - 7:00 pm - Harkins Southlake

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Friday, October 18, 2019

Zombieland: Double Tap

“Zombieland” skillfully combined the horror and comedy genres, pairing tongue-in-cheek humor with gore-filled action pieces. The movie was a hit, making it surprising that it's taken ten years for a sequel to materialize. Unfortunately, “Zombieland: Double Tap” is the type of follow-up that tries too hard to replicate the viewing experience of its predecessor. In short, “Double Tap” presents more of the same.

The sequel once again brings together the creative forces behind the original movie - director Ruben Fleischer, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (who also worked with Dave Callaham on this script), and stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin. Unfortunately, they don’t manage to once again capture lightning in a bottle. The jokes here feel forced with the majority of them coming across as strained attempts at recapturing the mood and energy that made the first movie so much fun to watch. Despite its brief runtime, "Double Tap" is a film that seems to run a little too long – not good for a ninety-minute movie.

In the decade since the zombies started overrunning the world, Tallahassee (Harrelson), Columbus (Eisenberg), Wichita (Stone), and Little Rock (Breslin) have grown into a functioning family unit, deciding to settle down - in the White House - instead of running around the country. At the same time, the zombies have begun to adapt, some becoming dumber and others becoming smarter and more aggressive.

Shortly into the movie, Wichita and Little Rock decide they have had enough of Tallahassee and Columbus. Tallahassee has become an overbearing father figure to Little Rock and Columbus wants his relationship with Wichita to get a little too serious. The women take Tallahassee's beloved custom ride, telling the guys of their departure through a sorry excuse for a letter (acknowledged by Wichita) and hit the road. Wichita returns minus Little Rock, who has run off to Graceland with her hippie-type love interest, Berkeley (Avan Jogia), and Tallahassee's car. The group goes in pursuit.

The cast comfortably refills their characters' shoes, character relationships at least seem natural but things feel unexplainably off. The rhythm and flow that made the original movie work are missing. Jokes are rehashed before one of the characters calls out their age and staleness - neither the old or the new joke eliciting a laugh. How disappointing. This really was one I had high hopes for.

Despite all the negative comments, there are some good things going on in this movie. The writers add in some new characters, most notably airheaded bimbo Madison (Zoey Deutch). Her stupidity and ill-fitting cheery demeanor are constantly mocked by the rest of the cast. Deutch continues to prove what a versatile actress she is, showing her range in a role unlike her others. Although her character is (purposefully) annoying, her scenes are the best parts of the movie. There's an energy present when her character is onscreen that’s absent from the rest of the movie.

There are some decent action pieces too. The best involves another pair of zombie-slayers, played by Luke Wilson and Thomas Middleditch whose characters bear an uncanny resemblance to Harrelson and Eisenberg's. Joined by Nevada (Rosario Dawson), the group defends themselves from some recently turned zombies as the camera gracefully glides around the set, a hotel (where Nevada lives) made to look like Graceland.

The positive aspects, however, do little to improve the movie. It’s all a little stale. "Zombieland: Double Tap" is a far cry from the original.
(Review by Bret Oswald)

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Fun event at Dallas Museum of Art: Mid-Century Modern Horror


Horchow Auditorium at Dallas Museum of Art

1717 North Harwood

Dallas TX 75201



Saturday, October 26, 2019



6:30 pm - PEEPING TOM

9:30 pm - IN FABRIC

Doors open 30 min prior to each showtime



FANGORIA and the DMA present a day of mid-century modern horror featuring classic films from the 1950s and 60s and a special preview screening of the 2019 release In Fabric. This triple feature will explore the visual language of mid-century horror and what made this period of filmmaking unique.

3:30PM – A BUCKET OF BLOOD, 1959, Dir: Roger Corman

Special introduction by SMU’s Kevin Heffernan - Associate Professor, Division of Film and Media Arts, SMU Meadows School of the Arts.

6:30PM – PEEPING TOM, 1960, Dir: Michael Powell

Special introduction by FANGORIA’s Preston Fassel - Award winning author of OUR LADY OF THE INFERNO.

9:30PM – IN FABRIC, 2019, Dir: Peter Strickland

Featuring a conversation with IN FABRIC costume designer, Jo Thompson.

Ticket Prices




$30 - All 3 films, includes priority seating

Seating will commence 30 minutes prior to start time.



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Monday, October 14, 2019

This Week at Alamo Drafthouse DFW (10/14 - 10/20)

Calling all movie lovers… Here’s what’s happening this week at Alamo Drafthouse DFW!

This week is all about coming back to life. Nut up or shut up: Round 2 with the ZOMBIELAND Double Feature: Zombies Only Screening. Catch the 4K Restoration of THE EVIL DEAD with a reimagined score by original composer Joe Loduca. Get your double fix of Frankenstein with the FRANKENSTEIN & BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN Double Feature. For a full calendar listing, please visit

See y’all soon at the Alamo Drafthouse!
Fons PR

This Week's Highlights…

Zombieland Double Feature: Zombies Only Screening

Celebrate the second chapter of ZOMBIELAND with a zombies-only double feature. Come dressed as a zombie – the face paint, the tattered clothes, the human limbs, you know the drill. You're going to be in a theater filled with fellow zombies so please don't look alive. Catch the double feature at Cedars, Denton, Lake Highlands, and Richardson

The Evil Dead - 4K Restoration
This special edition of EVIL DEAD presents the horror classic for the first time in 4K plus with a reimagined score by original composer Joseph LoDuca and a thrilling new 5.1 surround mix created by Marti Humphrey and Jussi Tegelman the award-winning sound crew behind DRAG ME TO HELL and ASH VS. EVIL DEAD. Catch the restoration at Richardson.

Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein Double Feature

In 1931 director James Whale brought Mary Shelley's popular novel to screen with Boris Karloff in an iconic role as the titular doctor's creation and later brought the first of the film's sequels in 1935 out in BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN Over the years it has become as revered as Whale's original film (if not more so, in some circles) with heavy focus applied to its grandiose aesthetic and queer subtext. Catch the double feature at Richardson.

Screening: The Mummy (1999) Movie Party at 7:15pm

Screening: Monty Python and the Holy Grail Movie Party at 6:00pm

Lake Highlands
Screening: Monty Python and the Holy Grail Movie Party at 7:00pm

North Richland Hills
Screening: Anime-Zing: Vampire Hunter D (Subtitled) at 6:45pm
Screening: Night of the Living Dead at 8:30pm

Screening: The Host (2006) at 6:15pm


Screening: Hopped Up Cinema: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back W/ Armadillo Ale Works at 7:00pm

Lake Highlands
Screening: Snowpiercer at 6:30pm

Las Colinas
Screening: DrĂ¡cula (1931) [Spanish} MUBI Free Victory Screening at 6:30pm

North Richland Hills
Screening: The Last House on the Left at 6:45pm
Bar Event: Geeks Who Drink - Vetted Well at 8:00PM

Screening: Monty Python and the Holy Grail Movie Party at 7:00pm
Bar Event: Tiki Bingo - Glass Half Full at 7:00PM
Screening: Video Vortex: Soul of the Demon at 9:15pm

Screening: Zombieland Double Feature: Zombies Only Screening at 6:30pm
Bar Event: Geeks Who Drink - Vetted Well at 8:00PM

Screening: Zombieland Double Feature: Zombies Only Screening at 6:00pm
Screening: The Thing (1982) at 7:00pm

Lake Highlands
Screening: Zombieland Double Feature: Zombies Only Screening at 6:00pm
Screening: Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Party at 7:30pm

Las Colinas
Screening: Diner BaD Radio at 7:30pm
Bar Event: Geeks Who Drink - Vetted Well at 8:00PM
Screening: Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Party at 8:00pm

North Richland Hills
Screening: The Fog (1980) at 8:15pm

Screening: Scary Movie (1991) at 6:15pm
Screening: Zombieland Double Feature: Zombies Only Screening at 6:30pm
Bar Event: Geeks Who Drink - Glass Half Full at 8:00PM
Screening: Rocky Horror Picture Show Movie Party at 8:45pm

Las Colinas
Screening: BaD Radio Live Broadcast 5000th Episode at 12:00pm


North Richland Hills
Screening: The Gate (1987) at 6:30pm

Screening: The Gate (1987) at 7:45pm


Screening: Brunch on Broadway: Little Shop of Horrors at 11:00am

Screening: The Wolf Man at 6:30pm
Screening: Monty Python and the Holy Grail Movie Party at 8:15pm

Lake Highlands
Screening: Monty Python and the Holy Grail Movie Party at 6:15pm

Las Colinas
Screening: The Craft Movie Party at 6:45pm

North Richland Hills
Screening: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Sing-Along at 6:30pm
Screening: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) at 9:05pm

Screening: Evil Dead II at 9:00pm
Screening: The Evil Dead - 4K Restoration at 6:30pm

Screening: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Sing-Along at 7:30pm

Bar Event: Geeks Who Drink - Vetted Well at 7:00PM
Screening: The Craft Movie Party at 8:15pm

Lake Highlands
Screening: T2 Fan Screening With Terminator Dark Fate Footage at 7:00pm

North Richland Hills
Screening: Afternoon Tea: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Harbor of Fleet Street at 3:30pm
Screening: The Mummy (1932) at 6:30pm

Screening: Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein Double Feature at 2:15pm
Screening: Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Party at 6:30pm

First Run Movies Now Playing...
Ad Astra
Downton Abbey
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
Gemini Man
The Addams Family (2019)

Premiering This Week…
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
Zombieland: Double Tap

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Movies Scheduled for the Week of Oct 13 - Oct 19

Wow, loved the cool weather for like a day or so. Back to more Texas seasonal craziness of Fall in the 80's.

Columbus Day weekend, or as we would celebrate/protest in Plymouth, MA as Indigenous People's day.

Asking the group for help this week keeping up with the upcoming screenings. I have some personal issues that is going to keep me offline for awhile and need y'all to monitor and share any movie notices. Thank you in advance!

Oct 13 - Oct 19

Tue - Oct 15

Maleficent - 7:00 pm - AMC Mesquite
Maleficent - 7:00 pm - AMC Northpark
Zombieland: Double Tap - 7:30 pm - Alamo Lake Highlands

Wed - Oct 16

Countdown - 7:30 pm - Alamo Denton

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Friday, October 11, 2019

The Battle of Jangsari

The Battle of Jangsari is based on a true story of a little known operation during the Korean War. Co-directed by Kwak Kyung-taek and Kim Tae-hoon and written by Lee Man-Hee and Jung Tae-Won it tells the story which was basically a suicide mission which took place over two days (September 14-15, 1950) at Jangsari in Yeongdeok, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. The battle was supposed to be a diversionary tactic to buy time for General Douglas MacArthur’s attack at Incheon in a couple of days.

Led by Captain Lee Myung-Joon (Kim Myung-Min) who did not have any battle experience but volunteered to lead his 772 student soldiers who only had a couple of weeks training. He chose his men, whose average age was 17, for their physique and strength of character. They travel during a typhoon with all the young soldiers puking into buckets on the ship traveling over a raging sea. They only have 4 rafts to get to shore so in order to get close enough to the beach, the ship is grounded. The teams have to secure ropes for the rest of the soldiers to lead them to the beach. They are besieged by bombs and bullets in their effort losing many of their battalion. The story centers on a few characters such as Choi Sung-Pil (Choi Minho of the K-pop band Shinee) who escaped with his family from North Korea, Ki Ha-Ryun (Kim Sung-Cheol) who has a tough attitude, Guk Man-Deuk (Jang Ji-Gun) a not so bright big guy who looks after Moon Jong-Nyeo (Lee Ho-Jung) who joined the army so her twin brother the only male in the family would not die in the war. We see the fear and heroism through their eyes as they experience the horror of war at their age.

Meanwhile American jounalist Marguerite Higgins (Meghan Fox) who represents the many female war correspondents on the front line, fights with Colonel Stephen (George Eads) to tell the world that these young men were being used as a sacrifice to distract the North Koreans into thinking the main attack force was hitting Jangsari and not Incheon on the other coast. The addition of the American characters doesn't seem all that necessary except to add some exposition.

The filmmakers bring the magnitude of the inexperienced young men thrust into a life and death situation is the main focus. The Battle of Jangsari was kept secrets for many decades. The filmmakers were able to convey the violence and the bonding of the survivors. They were teenagers fighting with the enemy of the same age. Yes, some of the situations were cliche and some of the scenes were awkward and obvious. But the story was interesting to see this war through the eyes of the Korean people.
(Review by reesa)

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