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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wiener Dog

If you love animals, this ending might just leave you in a cold, depressed state and you will go home and cry in the corner of your room for a week. But if you can look deeper into it, there is a lot going on. Let’s get reel and break this down.


A dachshund passes from oddball owner to oddball owner, whose radically dysfunctional lives are all impacted by the pooch.



On the surface, this is a simply story of a cute as heck wiener-dog going from person-to-person and we, as an audience, are dropped into these people’s lives and observing them. However, what the director has done was make each person have some soul and just show us a slice of life from different perspectives. There are a lot of real human moments that make this film play on a more realistic level providing great emotional pull. When the dog transitions from each person it makes sense with the story and feels flawless; however…

…the transition between person three and four is garbage. There is no grasp of how much time passed or how the dog managed to get there. That irritated me to no end. And some of the dialogue is a bit stilted and a little too dry even though that’s the brand of humor.



Everyone was wonderful. Each actor only had about 10-15 minutes of screen time and everyone delivered. With the limited amount of screen time, each actor really made the personalities of their characters standout making each one very impactful emotionally.




To be honest, it’s fine, nothing bad about it but there really isn’t anything that creative. There is this light green glow throughout and this is the best way I could describe it: green, to me, means calm and is associated with Mother Nature and Mother Nature is a part of life, it’s natural. So the events in this film happen naturally and we kind of see just life unfold. I don’t know if that’s the correct correlation, probably not, but that’s the best I could come up with.


Editing/Special Effects


For me personally, the end game of the story is what got me hooked and kept me going throughout.


The film does have a slow pace and I can see it not really connecting with people. There is odd, dry humor and a very depressing undertone so I know this won’t appeal to everyone.

This was a strange experience in the theaters but after I left I realized there was something to this film. It’s simply life and focusing on different people and the dog is in the middle of it. This is not for everyone and you will most likely not like the ending but if you want a smaller film amongst the blockbusters check it out.

Grade: B-
(Review by Chase Lee)

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Swiss Army Man


The media has dubbed this film as “The Farting Corpse Movie”. Take that for what you will, let’s get weird, and get reel and break this movie down.

A hopeless man stranded in the wilderness befriends a dead body and together they go on a surreal journey to get home.



There is no doubt in my mind that this movie is extremely unique and you probably won’t find another movie like this. Amongst the blockbusters this summer, this summer stands out as being a breath of fresh air. The story is fascinating as we see this guy isolated and lost from the world hallucinate and become friends with a corpse, but there’s a lot more to it. The directors take this quirky story and add a delightful charm and endearment throughout which very palpable. Leading up to the climax of the film, I was completely in and then…

…once the end happened I didn’t know what to think right away and had to think about it. I don’t mind open ended endings but I feel like this one should have had a bit more closure, even if it wasn’t completely explained. The last bit of the third felt a little clunky and rushed as if they didn’t know how to end it. I still enjoy it because I do have some theories on what the whole movie is and what is real and what isn’t…but a little more clarification wouldn’t have been nice.



I have been praising Paul Dano ever since I saw There will be Blood and he went toe-to-toe with Daniel Day-Lewis. He once again proves he is one of the best underrated actors out there. His character within the film takes a creepy route but you felt sympathetic for his character and that is a testament to his great performance. Speaking of great performances, Daniel Radcliffe is actually pretty dang good as a corpse. He completely sold me.


Maybe some of the side characters? I mean, they were fine, but the short amount of screen time that they had didn’t have the emotional pull that the two co-leads had.



With hallucination as a theme, we don’t know what’s real and what isn’t and the way it’s shot adds that dream-like, surreal flow to it and really makes the colors pop and feel vibrant, as does the characters that accompany the screen.



Editing/Special Effects


The addicting weirdness of the film is what keeps you going until the very last frame and that’s exactly how I felt. At an hour and a half, it’s the right amount of time but still has a lot of story and character arcs. The special effects looked like they were a part of a big budgeted film. They were so well done with that small of a budget and it impressed me.

In the opening I said this was dubbed as the fart corpse movie, and I can say this film isn’t for everyone and it might turn you off in the beginning prompting the movie to feel long and just not connecting to you.

This is especially unique and I will definitely remember it for doing something different but also having depth, charm, and a lot more to it than farts. If you want something different than the big summer blockbusters, this is your movie to get your weird fix.

Grade: B+
(Review by Chase Lee)

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The 15th Annual Asian Film Festival of Dallas Announces Full Schedule & Events






5321 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75206

June 27, 2016 (DALLAS, TX) – The Asian Film Festival of Dallas celebrates its 15th year with returning presenting sponsor Well Go USA Entertainment, from Thursday, July 14 through Thursday, July 21, 2016.

This festival year boasts its first its first Iranian film as part of its repertory program, 2 world premieres and to commemorate its 15th anniversary, they will be showcasing past film festival favorites from its first, fifth and tenth years.

Film fans can also expect films from the U.S., China, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Vietnam and from all genres: action, anime, comedy, crime drama, documentary, drama, martial arts, psycho drama, thriller and romantic comedy.

AFFD in numbers
33 feature film screenings. 6 shorts blocks, including local students’ shorts. 7 countries represented.
2 World premieres. 4 International premieres. 4 North American premieres. 10 Southwest premieres.
6 expected filmmakers in attendance.

All screenings will be shown at the Angelika Film Center – Dallas

To mark the 15th anniversary, the following films from their 1st, 5th & 10th years will be shown:

1st year - Fallen Angels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZda7nWftQI

5th year - Journey from the Fall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e84lOfQH0FM

10th year - Bedevilled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG2bObtGlsI



7:00 pm SAMURAI HUSTLE RETURNS (Opening Night Film) - World Premiere



Theater 4

2:45 pm FALLEN ANGELS (from 1st year)

4:45 pm THE MAHJONG BOX - World Premiere

6:45 pm STRAYER'S CHRONICLE - Southwest Premiere

9:30 pm ATTACK ON TITAN I: THE CRIMSON BOW AND ARROW - North American Premiere

11:45 pm BEDEVILLED (from 10th year)

Theater 7

2:00 pm DRAMA SHORTS 1

4:00 pm PROPHECY - Southwest Premiere

6:30 pm JOURNEY FROM THE FALL (from 5th year)

9:15 pm NESSUN DORMA - International Premiere



Theater 4



5:00 pm YOU CALL IT PASSION - Southwest Premiere

7:30 pm CHONGQING HOT POT - Southwest Premiere

9:30 pm THE INERASABLE - Southwest Premiere

11:30 pm IN THE ROOM - Southwest Premiere

Theater 7


2:00 pm SAMURAI AND IDIOTS - THE OLYMPUS AFFAIR - North American Premiere

3:45 pm CINEMA ANGEL - Southwest Premiere

5:45 pm HIKAWA MARU MONOGATARI - International Premiere

7:45 pm MISSING YOU - Southwest Premiere

10:00 pm THE BODYGUARD - Southwest Premiere


Theater 4


2:15 pm WOLF GIRL & BLACK PRINCE - North American Premiere

4:30 pm BITCOIN HEIST - Southwest Premiere

7:00 pm MOUNTAIN CRY (Centerpiece Film) - North American Premiere

Centerpiece Reception @ Angelika Film Center of Dallas (prior to the film)

9:15 pm ATTACK ON TITAN II: WINGS OF FREEDOM - North American Premiere

Theater 7

1:00 pm DRAMA SHORTS 2


5:45 pm CLEARER THAN YOU THINK - International Premiere

7:30 pm STRAYER'S CHRONICLE (2nd screening) - Southwest Premiere



Theater 4


3:30 pm THE INERASABLE (2nd screening) - Southwest Premiere


8:15 pm THE TIGER

11:00 pm PROPHECY (2nd screening) - Southwest Premiere


Theater 4

1:30 pm THE BODYGUARD (2nd screening) - Southwest Premiere

3:30 pm THE SKY-BLUE SYMPHONY - International Premiere

6:00 pm BITCOIN HEIST (2nd screening) - Southwest Premiere

8:15 pm MISSING YOU (2nd screening) - Southwest Premiere

10:15 pm SPA NIGHT


Theater 4

1:00 pm YOU CALL IT PASSION (2nd screening) - Southwest Premiere

3:30 pm WOLF GIRL & BLACK PRINCE (2nd screening) - North American Premiere


8:00 pm PORT OF CALL

11:00 pm IN THE ROOM - Southwest Premiere


Theater 6

12:00 pm MOUNTAIN CRY (2nd screening) - North American Premiere

2:15 pm SAMURAI HUSTLE RETURNS (2nd screening) - World Premiere

5:00 pm CHONGQING HOT POT (2nd screening) - Southwest Premiere

7:00 pm THE WAILING (Closing Night Film)

9 pm-12 am AFFD Closing Night Party @ TBA

Parties and events

VIP Reception: Invitation-only

Opening Night Party: Thursday, July 14, 8 pm to 11 pm at TBA
Filmmakers Reception/Panel: TBA
Centerpiece Reception: Sunday, July 19, 6:15 pm at the Angelika Film Center of Dallas (prior to the film)
Closing Night Party: Thursday, July 21, 9 pm to 12 am at TBA

More titles and full schedule of Q&As, parties, events and details will follow in the coming weeks. Visit www.asianfilmdallas.com.

About the Asian Film Festival of Dallas

Since its creation in 2002, the annual film festival has grown to become the South’s largest showcase of Asian and Asian-American cinema. Over the past 15 years, the festival has provided opportunities for nearly 500 Asian and Asian-American filmmakers and documentarians to share their vision, often providing the only venue for their films to be shown in Dallas.

The films have also allowed festival goers a chance to experience other lives and cultures without leaving their seats. The Asian Film Festival of Dallas is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to celebrating and supporting emerging and established Asian and Asian-American filmmakers and sharing the rich diversity of Asian culture through the medium of cinema.

For more information about AFFD or to purchase passes and tickets, please visit www.asianfilmdallas.com.

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Movies Scheduled 6/26-7/2

Good morning all! It is the last week of June. Where did the time go? Don't get me wrong I have been waiting for July to get here since December!

Lots of movies this week. I hope everyone got the tickets they wanted. If you didn't you can always ask if someone has a spare pass.

If you have any questions please email me at damitdaina@hotmail.com.

Sunday June 26th

Monday June 27th

BFG AMC Northpark

Tuesday June 28th

The Purge: Election Year SMG and TBA
Legend of Tarzan Angelika
BFG The Parks at Arlington

Wednesday June 29th

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates AMC Northpark

Thursday June 30th

Hunt for the Widlerpeople Magnolia

Friday July 1st

Saturday July 2nd

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Neon Demon

If you were expecting for Nicholas Winding Refn to calm down and do something more restrained, buckle up buttercup, this one will turn some people off. Did it turn me off or did I secretly like it? Let’s get reel and break this down.

When aspiring model Jesse moves to Los Angeles, her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty-obsessed women who will take any means necessary to get what she has.



This film has put me in a weird predicament. I like a lot of stuff and I dislike a lot of stuff. But, as time passes, I like it a bit more. The one thing I can give Refn credit for is that he tried out his version of a horror film and I admire the creativity he put in this story that is based in folklore's and fairy tales. This is more of a coherent story and it is easier to follow versus his other films and really keeps your interest with the vivid colors, beautiful cinematography, and a pretty sophisticated story about beauty and how it consumes people.

I love Refn to death but dear lord his dialogue in his films can feel stale and badly delivered and this is no different. Most of the dialogue I don’t care for, but Refn can create visual storytelling without any dialogue so I don’t knock him too much for it. On the flip side, sometimes Refn can put scenes in that feel disgusting to be disgusting and really going overboard. There were a few scenes where they were way too much and didn’t really fit within the story. And the last thing is that the last ten minutes felt unnecessary and you could have cut it off and left the film on a more powerful ending. I am trying to be as vague as possible just in case you want to see it.



Elle Fanning is electric in the main role and really carries the film commanding the screen with every scene. The supporting cast is fine. They add a creepy atmosphere to the tone of the film but…

…some of the supporting cast are introduced, dropped off, and never really brought up again. Also, besides one character, everyone was unlikable and hard to justify their actions but the performances are very good.



Simply gorgeous. Regardless of what you think of Refn, the guy has a beautiful visual style that’s all his own. The colors are rich and drench each scene with purpose. Whether it be a wide shot, tracking shot, or close-up shot, every shot feels inventive and abstract to the best degree.


Editing/Special Effects


The special effects, regardless of the scenes they are accompanying, are well done on the low budget they had. I don’t really bring up music but the music is creepy and euphoric and takes the atmosphere of the film to the next level. The bizarre interest of the story will definitely keep your interest but be warned…

…this is a slow burn, probably the slowest film Refn has done. It took a while to get into the story but once it locks in, so did I. The last ten minutes was such a bummer and deflated the energy after the climax and should have been cut.

This is a bizarre, weird experience that I would recommend if you want something different. I love the idea of the story, acting, and cinematography; but I didn’t like most of the dialogue, undeveloped characters, unnecessary scenes filled with disturbing gratuity and no purpose. I might like this film as I think about it more but as it stands I am split about it. This is a graphic movie so, if you don’t get down with weird, abstract movies, stay away from it.

Grade: C
(Review by Chase Lee)

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Free State of Jones

It's hard to believe in this day and age we are still dealing with the issues of racism. Considering the current political climate, it's enough so that we need another movie to hit us over the head with this country's shameful civil war history. The pockets of resistance in the south to keep that attitude alive and well, will probably not see this film. In fact the basis of this little known story is buried deep and covered up in Jones County, Mississippi. Director/writer Gary Ross (Seabiscuit) did massive research to tell the tale of Newton Knight who deserted the Confederate army and led a Unionist rebellion. Clocking in at 139 minutes, it does seem incredibly long at times, but the performance by McConaughey seems to be bidding for Oscar nod at the end of the year.

Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey) was a farmer in Jones County, MS with his wife Serena (Keri Russell). The film opens with Knight removing the wounded from the battlefields in 1862. The horrific slaughter is enough to turn anyone's head around. He's not happy with the idea that has to fight a battle to protect the rich cotton plantations and for them to keep their slaves. He becomes even more angry when the 20 Slave Law protects the rich whites by exempting them from being conscripted. The last nail happens when his young nephew is killed in battle, so he takes his body home to his mother, deserting his unit. Back home he sees the unfair tax system strip farmers of everything they own leaving them only 10% of their crops to survive the winter. His attempts to help puts him on a wanted list for sedition and treason, so he hides in the swamp with some runaway slaves. Frightened Serena leaves their farm with their child in tow. Meanwhile Newt has taken up a friendship with Creole house slave Rachel (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) who brings them supplies and news. And Newt teaches her to read.

As the war progresses, Newt who had become friends with runaway slave Moses (Mahershala Ali), begins to harbor more deserters in the swamps. Newt's natural leadership skills and fired up activism creates an army of sorts to defend the local farmers from being robbed by the taxmen. They call themselves the Free State of Jones County. Soon they number in the hundreds supporting themselves with the help of the local community and by robbing the supply trains. The area commander retaliates by burning farms and Newts burns their cotton. The heartbreak and struggle is a hard toll on Newt.

The second half of the movie deals with the aftermath at the end of the war. As the slaves are freed, the southern plantation owners find different ways of keeping them working. The promises of 40 acres and a mule are quickly dissipated. Rachel encourages them to move to Soso as the Klu Klux Klan begins to terrorize.

The side story jumps to the future of 1948 where an Caucasian looking man is accused of being 1/8 black as a descendant of Rachel of Newt and having married a white woman. He's charged with miscegenation and subject to jail time. Which seems unbelievable nowadays, but there are people who still adhere to it's stupidity. The present day Jones County who still think Newt was a deserter and reprobate, are more upset that he mixed the color lines with his half breed children.

There's a lot of history to tell, it's slow, and somewhat depressing. The movie does it's best to cover most of events, but Newts speeches to fire up his followers are the only insights to his emotional connection to what drove his passion. The supporting cast while good, are only given short drift to support Newt and his agenda. It's still an important story that needs to be told and hopefully there will come a time when it won't be necessary.
(Review by reesa)

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Movies Scheduled 6/19-6/25

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there and all the single Mom's who fill that role.

Well I am back to working my normal work schedule so I should be around more to help find the contests and such. Wohoo it is almost July. Where has the year gone?

Be safe outside if you have to work out there. It is freaking hot!! What a better way to cool down but to watch some movies! Not a ton of movies this week.

If you have questions please email me at damitdaina@hotmail.com.

Sunday June 19th

Monday June 20th

Neon Demon Angelika Dallas

Tuesday June 21st

Wednesday June 22nd

Roadies Magnolia
The Shallows Cinemark 17

Thursday June 23rd

Wiener Dog Angelika Dallas

Friday June 24th

Saturday June 25th

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Moives Scheduled 6/12-6/18

I know I haven't said this in a while but only take as many tickets as you need. If you don't need them then release them so someone else can use them. Also if you get tickets for four different movies on the same night you won't possibly make every movie, unless you have three clones. We don't get passes just to trade for a better movie. Let's all be kind and fair to our fellow movie family!

We all know that they over book for movies and you are not guaranteed seats so be kind to the reps. They're there just to do their jobs!

If you have any questions please email me at damitdaina@hotmail.com.

Sunday June 12th

Monday June 13th

Finding Dory AMC Northpark

Tuesday June 14th

Central Intelligence AMC Northpark
Finding Dory TBA

Wednesday June 15th

Central Intelligence AMC Northpark

Thursday June 16th

Finding Dory Angelika Dallas

Friday June 17th

Saturday June 18th

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Starring Austin Pendleton

This enjoyable short film explores the life of Austin Pendleton and his career in slight detail. He is a character actor who is famous among other actors who happen to be A-listers. He’s quirky in a small way and has had many films come under his belt. I thought that this documentary did justice to subjects that are not too much spoken of. The subject in this film being Mr. Pendleton. Something that I took notice of was the montage of credits for films that all said “And Austin Pendleton”. That segment stated in a really concrete way the film’s message of exploring the career of someone who is understated in fame. I felt the concept of Austin being heavily seasoned in his roles but also being in the category of “character actor”. The interviews done with such actors as Ethan Hawke, Meryl Streep, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard, and others communicated the respect they had for Austin Pendleton. We are shown in one scene how Austin had a stutter in his childhood. He presently converses with the camera about how he always dealt with the anxiety of wondering if his stutter would interrupt him in the middle of a play or something. This is a man who has done a tremendous amount of work and he is totally deserving of a film such as this.
(Review by Wyatt Head)

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(Review by Chase Lee)

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Puerto Ricans in Paris

Just the title alone of this new feature directed by Ian Edelman who wrote the script with Neel Shah is about a low brow concept as one can expect, but the quality of the acting keeps the film from totally failing. Some formulaic scenarios with that whole fish out of water thing or more specifically street New Yorkers indulging in some high life in those most romantic city of the world while trying to track down who stole a designer bag makes for some amusing moments. Enjoyable at time, ultimately forgettable.

Luis Guzmán and Edgar Garcia play police brothers Luis and Eddie who track down counterfeit merchandise that are sold from New York street vendors. Luis considers himself the brains of the two while Eddie is the one that has to chase the criminals. Eddie is married to Gloria (Rosie Perez) who is his partner's sister, with three young boys and a teenage daughter. Gloria is exasperated with her husband forgetting their wedding anniversary. Luis is single and dating Vanessa (Rosario Dawson) who is exasperated because he says he doesn't want to get married. The police brothers are offered a chance to go to Paris when designer Colette (Alice Taglioni) and corporate boss Vincent (Frédéric Anscombre) ask for their assistance in tracking down a missing 1 of 2 exclusive prototype designer handbag. The ransom note threatened that unless payment is made, they will flood the market with it's counterfeits. The main suspects are Colette's inner circle, her head designer, her public relations, her model friend and her ex-husband. The guys go incognito to question each one to eliminate their suspects. It makes one wonder where the guys got their costumes...did they pack them? Oh well...if you haven't figured out the bad guy, then you will have to wait til the end.

The real chemistry is between Luis and Edgar as they bicker as brothers. Luis is ladies man who thinks he's all that despite his less than flattering physique and stereotypical pick up lines. Compared to good guy brother who is sincere and trustworthy who connects with Colette over parenting. It irks Luis to no end that most of the women are drawn to Eddie. Luis refuses to indulge into the beauty and magic of Paris, while his brother embraces the city. There's no real danger going on (handbags, really?), just a lot of silly set ups for the guys to be undercover. So, just by the film title, what you see is what you get.
(Review by reesa)

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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Wailing

South Korean director/writer Na Hong-jin who made his impressive debut feature “The Chaser” and the globally acclaimed The Yellow Sea, has smashed box office records with his new film, a tense supernatural film called The Wailing. American horror/ghost movies seem to go for the jump in your seat moments with silly unbelievable scenarios. It's worth it to take a chance on a subtitled movie to appreciate the build up that surprises the viewer while preparing your mind for future nightmares. It's unsettling, creepy, and there's unexpected moments of humor. The movie is two and half hours, but you will not notice it..

The first thing you notice in this movie is the incredible scenery which took six months to crisscross South Korea for those perfect shots. Obsessive detail lead to an exhaustive search for the traditional Korean homes, roads, hill sides, down to the curvature of the trees. In the small rural village, Jong-gu (Kwak Do-won of The Attorney) is a police Sergeant who along with his partner are constantly being berated by their commanding officer for being late, or not washing the car right. Jong-gu gets a call in the early morning hours as a murder occurred by the local ginseng farmer who slaughtered his wife and another man. The police are quick to declare it a crime of passion and that the accused may have been under the influence of bad mushrooms. Jong-gu is a bit of a bumbling, incompetent cop who usually runs at the first sign of danger. As more murders occur, Jong-gu is having these bizarre dreams involving the appearance of a Japanese hermit which rumors says is the source of the bad things happening in the village. It gets even more strange when the herb and tonic man sees a half naked man in the woods eating a deer raw like an animal.

Things really heat up, when Jong-na's daughter becomes ill. His mother-in-law asks him to contact a shaman (Hwang Jung-min) when the hospitals can't find a source of her malady. The ceremonies to expel the evil from the girl is more entertaining and fascinating that Exorcist spinning head and pea soup. The Catholic Church in this story tells him the church cannot help him. There are lots of red herring and a mysterious woman in white (Chun Woo-hee), not a lot of answers. The tension and desperation of Jong-ju to find a cure for his daughter leads the normally cowardly man to make good on his promise to his daughter that he's a policeman and everything will be all right.

The film opens in Dallas at he Cine Oasis in Carrollton. You really don't want to miss it.
(Review by reesa)

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Movies Scheduled 6/5-6/11

I was so hoping to finally get to go to a screening this week but dang it today is my only day off for the week. So I will have to pay to go see The Conjuring 2! I have have plans to see it the following Monday!

A few more movies this week than we had last week so hopefully you can get the one you want to see and get out of the heat! I am ready for summer but not the heat!

If you have any questions please email me at damitdaina@hotmail.com.

Sunday June 5th

Monday June 6th

Puerto Ricans in Paris Angelika Dallas
Conjuring 2 AMC Northpark

Tuesday June 7th

Conjuring 2 AMC Parks
Warcraft AMC Northpark
Now You See Me 2 AMC Northpark

Wednesday June 8th

Warcraft Cinemark 17

Thursday June 9th

Friday June 10th

Saturday June 11th

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