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Friday, August 5, 2016


There is nothing more human than telling a deeply emotional human story that shows the human spirit in its most powerful form and that our species can be filled with good moments amongst the bad. Let’s get reel and break this down.

At the age of 34, Steve Gleason was diagnosed with ALS. Doctors gave the former NFL defensive back and New Orleans hero two to five years to live. So that is what Steve chose to do - LIVE: with purpose, for his newborn son, for his wife, and to help others with his disease.



The raw, home movie look really adds to the relatability and humanity to Steve and everyone else around supporting him. This is an inspirational tale of never giving up and pushing through life even though life throws us curveballs and the director really insinuates that. The construction of the story brings out every single emotion and really showcasing the range we have as humans as we go through this weird thing called life.


My only con is that the director did drag out the narrative a bit too long and you can feel the weight of the film especially since it’s so emotionally heavy.



Obviously this is a documentary and everyone in this film isn’t acting; however, there were a few scenes where I almost broke down because of how convincing their words that they spoke were. I had to keep reminding myself these are real life people and I am watching real life events.




The grounded home video look really puts you in the scenes with these people making the journey worthwhile.


Editing/Special Effects


The emotional toll throughout this film really takes you on the most human journey you will take and the inspiration alone will make this a great watch and paces the story out pretty moderately.

Like I mentioned above, it does feel a tad too long.

I have said what I needed to say about this wonderful film and is a great story about what it means to overcome any speed bump in life, push through, and live life with a purpose.

Grade: A
(Review by Chase Lee)

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