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Friday, October 14, 2016

American Honey

This Honey Ain’t No Boo-Boo Child


Have you ever just taken a road trip somewhere only to find out you went nowhere except down the road to a Chili’s and been severely disappointed? This “movie” is that in a nutshell. Let’s get reel and break this down.


A teenage girl with nothing to lose joins a traveling magazine sales crew, and gets caught up in a whirlwind of hard partying, law bending and young love as she criss-crosses the Midwest with a band of misfits



The “documentary” freestyle feeling of the film provides the atmosphere of real characters in real situations and never felt like a production but plucking real people off the street and filming them.

I hate using the “P” word, not that word because clearly Trump doesn’t hate it, but pretentious. Sadly, this film tries to be deeper than it is. It is a vapid road trip self-discovery story with no substance and is equivalent to a three-hour B-roll home video of a bunch of montages put together. The overall story has interesting themes but they were never explored or went anywhere and instead appeared as strangely wholesome and sweet.



Shia LaBeouf is by far the best thing about adding some character development and emotional range.

Ironically, the main character’s performance isn’t so sweet but rather flat. I found the supporting characters somewhat interesting but overall no one was really compelling.



Some of the cinematography is gorgeous and adds a layer of natural beauty considering they shot with all natural light and on real locations despite having a dark look at America at its core.

Going to the pretentiousness, there many shots of insects or animals that weren’t particularly well shot or made sense for the narrative.

Editing/Special Effects



At two hours and forty minutes, this is a chore to sit through and really tests your patience. Even with the long, tedious journey, if the ending was great I would have forgiven it a tad but the ending nothing and pretty much made the entire film a giant middle finger to the audience.

Boyhood and Transformers: Age of Extinction both run around the same time length as American Honey. The difference is one is a masterwork of growing up, one is visual noise with action you could watch if you are on painkillers, and one existed. Guess one is which.


(Review by Chase Lee)

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