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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Movies Scheduled for the Week of October 23=October 29, 2016

So did everyone get a chance to enjoy the State Fair. At least the weather was agreeable this time around. It almost feels like an actual season called Autumn. For those who have never been anywhere outside of Texas, it's when the climate gets cooler, leaves change colors, and you get to wear sweaters.

We should give a big thanks to the studios making it easier to obtain the passes we need. People are still begging when they miss out on a screening notice. But really...just wait a bit, and another one will become available. Also remember to write to the person offering the pass and not to the whole group. And just in case, for the newbies, the moderators, Daina and Reesa do not personally have passes to hand out to y'all. Occasionally a studio will offer a pass just for us groupies, but we have to enter the contests, go to pass pickups and redeem those pass codes like everyone else. Another note, is when there are multiple screenings on one day, pick the one your really want to see, and release those others. Nothing irks people more when someone says they have a several passes to a movie.

I would also thank everyone in our group for being so helpful with one another in the screening lines. Y'all are the bestest group ever!!!

October 23 - October 29

Sun-Oct 23

Mon-Oct 24

Tues-Oct 25

Inferno - 7 pm - AMC Northpark

Wed-Oct 26

Almost Christmas - 4 pm - Cinemark West
The Space Between Us - 7 pm - AMC Northpark
Inferno - 7:30 pm - Cinemark 17
Hackwaw Ridge - 7:30 pm - Angelika Dallas

Thurs-Oct 27

Loving - 7:30 pm - Angelika Dallas

Fri-Oct 28

Sat-Oct 29

Trolls - 10 am - Angelika Dallas
Trolls - 11 am - Cinemark 17

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