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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The 33

In 2010 a mining disaster in Chile captured the world's attention when the 33 men trapped in the mine are subjected to being sealed inside forever. The miner's families descend on the mine site and their plight is brought to light to the Chilean government. Soon mining companies from around the world send equipment and men to save them. The long and seemingly dire experience becomes a moment in time that fills one with hope as the men underground must work together to survive and not give up. Director Patricia Riggen (Girl in Progress) with a screenplay by Mikko Alanne, Craig Borten and Michael Thomas, story by Jose Rivera is based on the book Deep Down Dark by Hector Tobar. The tale of the extraordinary ordeal is well constructed with the mine collapse and the struggle of the miners inside and outside the mine the action is mired down with the little dramas and hand wringing of the families above ground.

Antonio Banderas plays Mario SepĂșlveda, nicknamed “Super Mario” by the media. He assumes leadership of the survivors who have managed to make it to the safe level to await rescue, which is 3 miles underground. In typical cooperate ineptitude the supplies have not been filled and the ventilation shafts were never finished. The radio is useless, the medical supplies are empty and a huge rock is separating them from freedom. The group has to ration whatever supplies are on hand. The company rep, Don Lucho (Lou Diamond Phillips), who is responsible for the miners, is hit with a huge sense of guilt and can't seem to function rationally. The various men have outbursts of violence and despair even gorging on the little food they have left.

Above ground, the mining company keeps the families from getting too close while they discuss sealing up the mine. The Minister of Minery, Rodrigo Santoro (Laurence Golborne) pleads with the Chilean president to intervene. Soon exploratory boreholes are being drilled, except the nature of the rock keeps the drills from going straight and misses the chamber of the miners. Gabriel Byrne plays André Sougarret the head engineer, with James Brolin as Jeff Hart the U.S. drilling engineer who work tirelessly while counting the days the men are underground. When they finally hit the chamber some 17 days after the accident, Mario sends up the message that all 33 are alive, but the rescue has just begun. The rock is unstable. For now they can only send food, water and clothing before they can find a way to get them up.

There is something to be said about the human spirit and the way everyone responds to helping one another in times of crisis. Then there is the media circus that exploits everyone involved. The movie gets bogged down by the manipulative moments of the families worrying and suffering for their loved ones below. Juliette Binoche is a sister of one of the miners who flits in and out challenging the equally visually blessed Rodrigo. The story tries to feature a few of the miners, but most of the time they get all mixed up in the dark and grime. You can rest easily when they finally make it above ground after a record 69 days.
(Review by reesa)

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