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Friday, December 2, 2016

Rules Don't Apply

Based on an American comedy-romance film, written and produced by Warren Beatty, he portrayed the sophisticated, high powered, Hollywood “icon” Howard Hughes, who believed he could get anything he wants, anytime he wants and that rules do not apply to him. With his wealth, charming confidence, and gargantuan attitude he demonstrates his leadership by delivering empty promises while lacking consideration and compassion to those who cultivate in his presence. He persuades the young na├»ve, aspiring actress, Marla Mabrey (Lily Collins) who is under his contract, to leave her small town to move to Los Angeles. Marla’s luminous dreams and her jubilant belief is that Hughes will make it all happen for her. During her first trip to Hollywood she meets one of his young, ambitious drivers, Frank Forbes (Alden Ehrenreich) who blindly falls for her even at the sake of his job. He knows that Marla is off limits to him but miserably falls for her anyway.

Marla is captivated by Forbes’s charm, his witty but out-going personality and their shared religious values. Although she knows that he is engaged to his high school sweet heart, they develop a great friendship that hints towards romance. When their attraction towards one another spirals out of control they know their religious values are tested. Their forbidden love is challenge with the clause of the contract and with Hughes' imperturbable behavior. Out of pure frustration and impatience, she ultimately lures in the great Hughes. Although, she knows that Hughes have plenty of women who are vying for his attention, she believed with her self-assured attitude that she will capture his heart. She naively falls for his superficial fairy tales and “ever after” themes until she realizes that Hughes was not all that she thought he was and flees back to her hometown. With the change in her life she soon learns that love was there all along.

Although, this film hinted towards blissful romance between Frank and Marla, it defaulted on palatable promises to keep the audience engage. With the primary focus bordered on Hughes quirky comedy and his frivolous attitude, the film lacked the true value in delivering its purpose.
(Review by Dr. Dwanna-Ary)

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