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Friday, May 19, 2017

The Lovers

The Lovers
Director and Writer:
Azazel Jacobs
Debra Winger
Tracy Letts
Aidan Gillen
Melora Walters
Tyler Ross
Jessica Sula

The new romance/comedy by writer and director Azazel Jacobs "The Lovers" is a entertaining skewed view of a relationship on the rocks. Debra Winger and Tracy Letts play Mary and Michael a long together couple at the winter of their relationship. With the marriage turning to just roommates that sleep in the same bed. They both have ventured out to find new love with others, but still retaining the marriage to keep up appearances. In the process of mutually exposing their infidelity and that they are leaving for them for a another, all the while trying to hurt each other. Attempting to avoid adding to the stress of their son visiting from college with his new girlfriend they set a date to tell each other after he leaves, but these things don't always pan out. While working out the logistics of spilling the beans they unintentionally rekindle the romance between each other, but as they say " you can't have your cake and eat it too".

The talented and complex Debra Winger comes off a acting hiatus to star in this unique but mild feature. As the part of Mary, she brings a strength and exuberance to a older woman character that I haven't seen since the 90s. With her herself being 10 years older than her counterpart Terry Letts in real life, is a breath of fresh air. It is type of realism in a film that i myself like to see that unfortunately most of Hollywood tends to avoid (my mom was 9 years older than my dad it's more common than u think). Depicting a woman's desirability and libido doesn't end at 40, which is so reliable as she portrays Mary. Opposite her is Terry Letts known for writing and acting for both film and television. Terry also brings a relatable and humorous performance of a older gentleman in the same way Debra did for her character. One of my favorite Irish actors Aidan Gillen plays Robert and brings the anxiety of a man in love with a married woman so brilliantly that even i wanted to tell him to chill out on be too possessive. Melora Walters plays Lucy a redheaded spit fire with a needy streak that got into a complicated relationship with a complicated man. The tone of the film is is a bit flat but that's where it gets it's humor from the long pauses and sighs of frustration give it the real life feel. The only character that annoyed me was the son played by Tyler Ross, a bit of a mama's boy he attempts to protect her but fails to see his mother a human with faults of her own. The son's girlfriend played by Jessica Sula from the recent film "Split" and "Skins(uk)", plays the outsider looking in and even was just as shocked as I was when Lucy hissed at Mary and retorted with the hilarious line "did she just hiss at you?"

All and all this was a very funny and earthy film that deserves recognition and in my expert opinion definitely worth the ticket.
(Review by Samantha Leggio)

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