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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Movies scheduled 12/15-12/21

I may get boo'ed for this but please don't take small children to the movies. Sure your baby's voice is so cute but not during the whole movie. Yes if it is a kids movie we expect to hear the kids but this wasn't a kids movie.

If you are sick, please stay home. We don't want to get sick or gag from the noises you will make.

Lastly one person per seat. Your child over six doesn't need to be sitting in your lap.

Dec. 15th

Dec. 16th

American Hustle 7:30 pm AMC Northpark

Dec. 17th

Inside Llewyn Davis 7:30 pm Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Grudge Match 7:30 pm Cinemark West Plano
August Osage County 7:30 pm Angelika Dallas
Anchorman 2 8:30 pm AMC Northpark

Dec. 18th

The Wolf of Wall Street 7:30pm Angelika Dallas
Grudge Match 7:30 pm AMC Northpark
Lone Survivor 7:30 pm Angelika Dallas

Dec. 19th

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 7:30 pm AMC Northpark
Yojimbo 7:30 pm Angelika Dallas

Dec. 20th

Dec. 21st

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