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Friday, October 23, 2020


Both writers Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz weave an intriguing tableau that does not give away too much, but just enough. However, they do not take their time in setting up the rules of this alternative “Twilight Zone” universe, but just let it lie. Instead, they trust viewers into the abyss with a confusing and meandering tale with twists aplenty.

So readers know, this has nothing to do with anything that came from the mind of Jordan Peele, who became an Oscar-winning writer after the success of “Get Out,” which received big bonus points from me for its ingenuity.

Like his both Bush and Renz throw in a plethora of McGuffin’s with “Antebellum,” in which modern day technology is spliced in with Civil War themes and mores of yesteryear.

Also worth mentioning is the appearance of lead Janelle MonĂ¡e, who is an important part in today’s modern world. Her character, Veronica Henley is a best-selling author and proppant to a strong woman’s movement, whose change takes place in a strong way when she gets kidnapped and force to live in a post Civil War days era.

It has just enough twists and turns to keep one’s interest throughout. I have said in Bush and Renz are on my must-see list in the furure. the past I don’t like reviewing horror movies, but both has been put on my list of must watch for sure.

This is a definite must for the theater experience. I wish I could have seen it at the movies, but times they have a changed, so watching it at home was a tough pill to swallow.

Looking back, I think my last theatre experience was watching either Blumhouse’s “The Hunt,” as well as “Birds of Prey: (The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn”).

This is almost where I can tell you no more since I will be doing viewers a disservice by giving away too many easter eggs to the events that occur. “ “Antenellum” is like a chapter in the Marvel universe wherein if I talk too much, the bad people will come and find me.

Even though this year will have more titles in it, it is safe to put this one on my ten best of the year.

Grade: A-

(Review by Ricky Miller)

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