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Friday, February 18, 2011

Brotherhood Almost Interview

I had the last interview of the day with Director Will Canon and the cast from Brotherhood this week and I was stuck on the Dart hurtling through the tunnel on the way to Mockingbird Station. Fortunately Raymond Garcia was there snapping some great pictures. As I quickly dug out my digital voice recorder, I should have double checked it's functioning, because after quickly rushing in and trying to get my interview time in, it turns out nothing was recorded. (slaps self on side of the head). My sincere apologies to Mr. Canon and the cast and thank you for time.

Will Canon and the cast Jon Foster(Frank), Trevor Morgan (Adam), Lou Taylor Pucci (Kevin) and Arlen Escarpeta (Mike) came to the Angelika to speak with the press promoting their film Brotherhood. The story came from a short film that ten years later became last year's Audience Award winning feature from SXSW and the DIFF.

Although Canon did not have personal fraternity experience (and the cast all claim not to have attended college), he did a lot of research and spent some time witnessing some pledge initiations. The house used in the film was an actual frat house near the University of Arlington during a Texas August with no A/C. Trevor Morgan, who plays Adam was the first role cast and he suggested his friend Lou Taylor Pucci and they were also friends with Jon Foster. With the fast paced storyline, they stuck very closely to the script although Adam and Lou claim they improvised one scene together.

As for future projects, Will is still exploring what will come next. Jon Foster who was in The Door in the Floor, Tenderness and the Informers has Ramparts coming out later this year. Trevor Morgan you may recognize from Mean Creek and Jurassic Park III stars in Vampire which was invited to the Berlin Film Festival. Arlen Escapreta was featured in We Are Marshall and for three seasons of American Dreams can be seen in the upcoming Now Final Destination 3D. And Lou Taylor Pucci can be seen in The Music Never Stopped which had an advanced screening at the Angelika a couple months ago which ended up on my top ten of the year.

Brotherhood hits the ground running. Please see this movie. You will not be disappointed.

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