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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Movies Scheduled for the Week of 5/22 - 5/28

There's so many issues this week, just don't don't know where to start. It's unfortunate the people who keep screwing up are the ones that don't listen to the Sunday sermons, read their welcome letter to the group, or even read the message on the front page of the website. They think that passes are falling from the heavens and they want them now.

Issue 1.) Excessive bartering and trading of passes. Yes that is a cool feature of the group. But and this is a big but, you must make an effort on your own to obtain those passes by entering the contests, going to a pass pickup, jumping through hoops, whatever. And Please Please Please don't ask for passes that have not been awarded!!!!
P.S. to Issue 1. - don't respond to the list, write to the person offering or asking for a pass. You won't get anything by sending it to the group. It will only get deleted.

Issue 2.) Please be kind to each other. Calling people names, and being snitty will generally not get you far in life as a rule. People do let the moderators know if they are having problems with someone through emails, and behavior in the lines. If you can't play fair we will remove you from the list.

Issue 3.) We really don't care of you are going to a Mav's game, it's your child's birthday, your family came in from Timbuktu and you want to show them a good time. We do appreciate if you demonstrate that you made a honest attempt to win a pass and didn't and you would like to help.

Issue 4.) GOFOBO passes. If you win a pass from a website DO NOT redeem more than your own pass. Sharing this code with others or redeeming using all your different email addresses is NOT COOL. Websites offering these passes are limited to a certain number of winners. If you take more than that you are stealing a pass from someone else. It's not fair, and what you put out will come back to you three fold.

Issue 5.) Offering money for passes is soooooo off the charts as being the worst thing you can do. These screenings are FREE. The only price you pay is the time and effort to enter contests, drive to a pickup, use of ink to print them, or standing in line to wait. If you are willing to fork over money, then go when the movie opens. The theaters will love you for it. We do not want to get the PR companies offering these screenings angry and only offer them to press.

Issue 6.) The Yahoo group website has lots of good sources for passes. The movie websites, the radio stations and theaters that offer passes. Please check here first and the archived messages before sending emails asking questions. You can probably find this info on your own with little effort.

May 22 - 28, 2011



7:00 pm
True Legend
Angelika Dallas

7:30 pm
The Hangover II
Cinemark West Plano


6:30 pm
Imax Theater at Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

7:30 pm
Kung Fu Panda
AMC Northpark


7:30 pm
Attack the Block
Angelika Dallas




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