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Thursday, August 27, 2015

We Are Your Friends

Who knew there was a science behind the beats of a successful DJ. There was a time when a DJ was someone who spin records on the radio, then they created playlists on cassettes and CD's. Now they create electronic beats that mesmerize a crowd by tuning in to their heartbeats. In director Max Joseph's new film which he wrote with Meghan Oppenheimer from a story by Richard Silverman, the movie is about four friends from the San Fernando Valley who try find a way out of their aimless lives through one friends' particular talent. It's not as socially relevant as Straight Outta Compton but it's surprisingly not that bad.

Zac Efron has worked hard to get out of the Disney mold, and this movie is made for his fans as it includes lots of shower and pool scenes to show off his well formed abs. He plays Cole who is constantly working on his beats in his bedroom which he shares with Mason (Jonny Weston). They don't explain why Cole is living with Mason, but safe to say it just adds to Cole's lack of center. In fact all the young men are somewhat aimless living in a low income neighborhood with few prospects. Mason is the dreamer, has big plans and basically manages Cole's career by getting him spots at the club where they work as promoters. Squirrel (Alex Shaffer) is the quiet one of the group who wants something better than what they are doing. And there's Ollie (Shiloh Fernandez) an aspiring actor and a drug dealer who gets the guys involved with real estate con artist Paige (Jon Bernthal). One night at the club Cole meets cute Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski) who works as an assistant and girlfriend of a successful DJ James (Wes Bentley). Cole would like to be the next James so it's fortunate that James takes him under his wing. But awkward because Sophie and Cole have this attraction “thing” working between them.

The movie bounces around with the reality of the boys lives, and the dream life like James with his fancy house and cool parties. James is not impressed with Cole's gorilla friends, but tutors Cole because he sees a raw talent emerging. The whole gist is for Cole to listen to the world around him, stop living in his earphones using standard beats, and making something organic and original. You know this will happen at the end, especially when a tragedy becomes the catalyst for everyone have a wake up call. Not to mention when James finds out about Sophie and Cole. Efron does well considering the limitations of his character. Hopefully he can expand to more serious work and not just as another pretty face. If you like electronic house music and follow DJ's as celebrities, then this is for you.
(Review by reesa)

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