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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Movies Scheduled for the Week of 1/13 - 1/19

A heads up. Not sure what this means as far as what the group will be like after they make their improvements. Hopefully they won't be so sketchy like their calendar upgrades.

Yahoo! Groups system upgrade and planned downtime
Posted on January 9, 2013 by Administrator

We’re upgrading our systems and Yahoo! Groups will be unavailable for a few hours on the night of January 15th 6:30 pm Pacific Standard Time. Emails sent to your groups will be delivered late during this time. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this planned downtime.

We would be posting updates as we approach the planned upgrade date and during the upgrade as well.

– Yahoo! Groups product team

It's a boon to us when the talent from movies show up in Dallas to promote their project. But y'all have to remember that the screenings will always be crowded and there will be situations that we can never predict. This whole screening process is a gift and not a right. We are lucky to have the opportunity. Let's not peeve the people who are letting us attend. Also when there is a limited amount of seats available, holding a space for a large group that will take those seats from those who arrived early and are already in line is NOT COOL! The passes say first come first serve. We all hold spaces, but when those seats are at a premium, then let's use some common sense and courtesy.

Don't know why it's so hard for y'all to not to respond to the whole group when you want a pass. Please, it's not that difficult to send it to the person who is offering. Your chances of getting that needed pass will be greatly increased.

January 13 - January 19

Jan 13

Playtime - 2 pm - Kimball Art Museum, Fort Worth

Jan 14

Catch Me If You Can on the screen and live - 7:30 pm - Studio Movie Grill Spring Valley

Jan 15

Broken City - 7 pm - Angelika Dallas
The Last Stand - 7:30 pm - Dallas (Cinemark 17?)
Mama - 7:30 pm - AMC Northpark

Jan 16

The Last Stand - 7:30 pm - Studio Movie Grill Royal

Jan 17

Warm Bodies - 7:30 pm - Magnolia

Jan 19

Jan 20

Peter Pan Diamond Edition - 11 am - Cinemark West Plano

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