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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Last Stand

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back. After a foray into politics, the ultimate action star of the Terminator series returns to the big screen (The Expendables don't really count) with guns blazing. The first English language film by the South Korean director of The Good, The Bad, The Weird and I Saw The Devil, Kim Jee-woon was managed using interpreters and it effectively delivers the classic set ups for Arnold to deliver some signature lines and show the world he can still kick some major butt.

Arnold plays Ray Owens, the small town sheriff of Sommerton Junction, Arizona. The small border town empties out most of the residents who are going to an away game for the high school team. Ray is hoping to enjoy a day off with the police duties taken over by his deputies Mike Figureola (Luis Guzmán), Sarah (Jaimie Alexander) and Jerry (Zach Gilford). A couple of truckers in the diner arouse his suspicions, and when a local farmer, then one of his deputies end up dead the ex-LAPD drug detective decides to fight back. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, FBI agent John Bannister (Forest Whitaker) is in the process of secretly transporting a dangerous drug cartel kingpin in a convoy to go to trial. The middle of the night scenario which consists of a parade of black SUV's probably don't make much of a impact in Las Vegas, but it's no surprise when they are attacked in a well planned rescue to release the Gabriel Cortez (Eduardo Noriega). In the escape he takes FBI Agent Ellen Richards (Genesis Rodriquez) as a hostage in his specially outfitted Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1. Bannister thinks that Cortez is heading to cross the border so he alerts the Border Patrol and as a courtesy he calls Ray to be on the lookout just in case. After all there's no chance he's headed there because the border is divided by a canyon in Sommerton. Of course that's exactly where the Cortez is going and that's why his gang is creating a way for Cortez to cross.

Burrell (Peter Stormare) and the gang want to clear Cortez's path through the town, but Ray and the newly deputized Frank (Rodrigo Santoro) and Lewis (Johnny Knoxville) are on hand to barricade the town. The showdown of the faceless military mercenaries is what this movie is all about. It's the High Noon, the bad guys of the old west going head to head with the Wyatt Earp and his brothers for the good of the town western canvas. The last act is the final confrontation with Arnold and Cortez that includes a car case in a dried up corn field and then a MMA fight with Arnold showing that at the ripe age of 65 he can still throw down.

Be warned, this is not really one you should be bringing the young ones to see. There's a surprising amount of violence (poor Harry Dean Stanton) which is fairly bloody and horrific. But considering some folks bring their tykes to slice and dice without batting an eye, then you will probably see kids there hoping for some Terminator justice. Arnold is showing a little more maturity in his acting chops. A result no doubt from his years as the Governor of California. It begs for him to turn his career into more meaningful and sophisticated roles as his physical stunts are closing to it's shelf date. Thankfully he has Johnny Knoxville offering much needed comedy relief as the quirky owner of a firearms museum and his penchant to name his favorite inanimate objects. Guzmán brings his usual as to lighten up the proceeding, with a touch of romance with handsome Martinez and Alexander as the competent sharp shooting female deputy. Whitaker runs around being stymied by Cortez. Daniel Henney is unfortunately wasted as Bannister's 2nd in command except to look good and be ready. Clearly this movie is all about Arnold. Director Kim Jee-woon lays out the foundation of the American image of the common man fighting against all odds for something he believes. If it takes a South Korean to remind us of that, then hopefully not only Arnold but Kim Jee-woon will be back.
(Review by reesa)

Arnold and Johnny came to Dallas for a promotional tour to support The Last Stand. Dallas Movie Screening had the privilege to be on the red carpet to welcome them at the Amstar 14 on January 11, 2013

Check out the videos taken:

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  1. he still looks very old and wrinkly in this, probably b/c he hasnt had enough time to hit the gym since he looked the ame in expendables 2. hopefully he steps his game up like JCVD and really pumps iron to restore his macho man status b/c if JCVD and stallone can tank up i’m sure mr.olympia will have no problem