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Thursday, May 17, 2018


As far as sequels go, “Deadpool 2” delivers the goods big time. I cannot give any spoilers away, so I have to find the right verb usage as to not give away any key plot points or God forbid spoilers of any kind.

What is safe to say is that both the characters of Colussus (Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hilderbrand) return in smaller supporting turns, as does T.J. Miller, Karan Soni, Morena Baccarin and Leslie Uggams.

Miller is Weasel, a bartender who works at Deadpool’s local watering hole. Soni returns as Dopinder, Deadpool’s personal cab driver who assists in his escapes. Ackerman returns as Vanessa, Deadpool’s significant other who does not mind or give a care about his disfigurement. Uggams is Deadpool’s roommate who still has a tough time building anything from Ikea.

Boys who had a crush on Warhead will have to look elsewhere because she is in a relationship with Yukio (Shioli Katsuma).
Josh Brolin is Cable, the villain of our story. His character was sent from a timeline interwoven into the storyline. His character is also in mourning, since he lost his family in a future war that he cannot go back and fix.

An inside joke occurs when Deadpool makes a comment about One Eyed Willy, a reference to Richard Donner’s “The Goonies,” a part in which Brolin was the older brother Brand I that fun flick. He was the older brother to Sean Astin’s Mikey in that enjoyable romp. To this day, I probably would still grade it a solid B+ on movie rankings o the A-F scale.

What I also find amusing is the marketing campaign that has gone into promoting “Deadpool 2” to the masses. A bunch of the one-sheet posters make allusions to a variety of flicks, including references to 1983’s “Flashdance” in which bullets are showered onto Deadpool’s body in lieu of rainwater or good old H20.

Another safe part to talk about is a character named Domino, (Zazie Beetz) since Deadpool mentions that luck is not considered an obtainable skill of any kind. Despite all the shenanigans that occur, I would say it is a nifty trick in the endgame of things.

In lieu of director Tim Miller, the camera stylings of director David Leitch are present throughout. He helmed last year’s MI-6 spy thriller “Atomic Blonde” last summer. Leitch also worked in various producing capacities with Keanu Reeves on the various entries in “The Matrix” trilogy” as well as “John Wick” and its sequel.

Again, as aforementioned, “Deadpool 2” has too many twists and turns in this enjoyable pretzel-weaving adventure that I really cannot say, because if I do some bad studio executives will hunt me down and kill me. No joke, I am totally and completely serious.

Grade: B+

(Review by Ricky Miller)

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