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Thursday, May 24, 2018

How Long Will I Love You?

The recent debut of this film in China replaced the Avengers: Infinity War for it's opening day. May 20 (the pronunciation of “May 20” in Chinese resembles the pronunciation of “I Love You” in English) has proved to be fortuitous for romantic movies like on Valentine's Day or Chinese Single Day. Written and directed by Su Lun, it's an unusual blend of comedy, romance, sci-fi and fantasy that draws from The Lake House and The Time Traveler Wife.

Tong Liya plays Gu Xiaojiao who is now 31 and looking for someone to marry, but they need to fulfill certain requirements in her dream house. Needless to say, suitors are kinda put off when she demands the title be in her name. In 1999, Lei Jiayin plays Lu Ming, a down on his luck property designer who can't catch a break. The live in the same apartment building 19 years apart. Suddenly the time periods merge, pushing his house into her house. They wake in the same bed. Believing him a masher, she attacks him. Both confused, they realize their front door exits to 1999 and 2018. Curiosity leads them to explore the past and the present. Gu goes to her old home with her beloved father and where she is still 12 years old. When she tries to get close, the tenuous paradox begins to warp. Everyone knows you can't see your self in the past or the future without affecting history.

Meanwhile a scientist is explaining his experiment of creating a porthole between times to a mysterious benefactor. This man's assistant believes he wishes to steal future technology. The scientist says the porthole is likely, but he hasn't figured out where this will occur. Gu and Lu have been cohabiting in their crunched together apartments. They go to their jobs in their timelines, then go adventuring in each other's years Lu is awkward and un-confident, while Gu is feisty and just as awkward. She runs into and old college friend, so she tries to appear successful and forces Lu to pretend that he's her husband for a dinner date. Of course she ends up totally humiliated when she leaves the sales tag hanging from his new coat she bought him to impress her friend. They also try to manipulate the lottery by playing the winning number, but the eventual paradox keeps this from happening

Gu and Lu begin to get close and enjoy each other's company But Gu can't get over the fact that Lu is not rich and successful. But the present day Lu has turned out to be a rich tycoon, just what Gu is seeking. The present Lu lures Gu in with a dinner date. He wants her to give his past self some advice. He knows that the time merge is temporary, and he must correct his past. Will they be able to find each other in the future? It's inevitable and satisfying in the end for those who love a time-traveling rom-com.
(Review by reesa)

How Long Will I Love You? opens Friday, May 25 at Cinemark Legacy Plano


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