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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Movies Scheduled for the Week of 5/2 - 5/8

Happy 4th Anniversary to the Dallas Movie Screening Group!!!

Started the first week of May on Yahoo Groups. When the melodious Jeff Baker stopped sending out movie pass notices on his list, it created a need and this list was created to help share free screening information. I had printed out little slips of papers to advertise at the X-Men pass pickup at the South Side Lamar coffee shop. We also signed up for a trip to Canada promotion for the movie which my daughter won! We only had about 35 members at first, then Jeff shared his mailing list with us. We grew quickly swelling to over 1300 members. The first group had to be disbanded because it was becoming overrun by spammers and people thinking they can just beg for passes. This new incarnation was started with a more tightly run format. Today we have over 700 on the list.

While we appreciate the growth and the continued support, the moderators are still hitting their heads on their keyboards because we are faced with the same dilemma of people NOT reading instructions or following directions. It only takes a second to double check what you are doing before sending it to the list. If people continue to misbehave, we will pack up and move somewhere else and may or may not tell ya...but for those that don't read these weekly rants, then you will probably not see this anyway. For those that do..you've been warned.

Now regarding the Iron Man 2 passes. You have to realize the Dallas Observer passes are always "iffy" at best. Please do not harass the vendors who offer the passes that gave them away early. If there was a limited supply and a massive amount of people waiting for them, then it's up to them do decide how to distribute. It's not their fault they only got a few. We don't want to bite the hand that feeds us. So quit your whining! I didn't get a pass either from the contests and pickups. Begging from the list probably won't do much good because those that were lucky enough to get one, will most likely not want to give them up. As the blockbusters come ripping and roaring through this season, please keep your mooching to a minimum! The moderators have better things to do than delete your messages.

Thank you all again for making the screening community so successful. I've enjoyed meeting a lot of you at the movies, so please come and introduce yourselves.

May 2 - 8, 2010



7:00 pm
Prince of Persia
Studio Movie Grill Dallas

7:15 pm
I Become Gilgamesh
SMU Hughes Trigg Theater

7:30 pm
Angelika Dallas


7:30 pm
Iron Man 2
AMC Northpark

7:30 pm
Iron Man 2
Cinemark 17


7:30 pm
Angelika Dallas


7:30 pm
Studio Movie Grill Dallas



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