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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Movies Scheduled for the Week of 10/24 - 10/30

The issue of the week has been addressed before, but we are going to drum it into your heads again. Please, please...PLEEZE! Enter the contests on your own and don't beg others for passes that have not been distributed. You can tell just like anyone else by going to a website that it usually says when the passes will be awarded. If you don't win after that date, then, and only then can you ask if anyone has a spare. Right now we are doing a courtesy of sending you a note informing you of this policy. Soon we just just delete your post without comment.

Also folks are getting passes on GOFOBO just to exchange them for something else. Well STOP IT. If you do not plan to attend the screening, don't reserve the passes. Let someone else who really want them have it. They are not there to dangle like a carrot to get a pass for something else.

Another thing, if a screening is full, please don't save a seat for someone else that has not arrived. The people who run the screenings need your cooperation to fill the theaters with people who are waiting patiently and hopefully. If your party isn't there when when it's time to get in the theater, then tough luck. That's the way these screenings work. First come first serve. Of course this doesn't give line people carte blanc to demand seats when someone leaves for the concessions or the bathroom. And it means you DON'T EVER remove the reserve sticker on seats and make your self comfortable. If that seat was not reserved for you, then get the heck out of it. When you do get kicked out of it, then resist the urge to argue with the screening reps because there's no seats left.
Use common sense.

October 24 - 30, 2010




7:30 pm
Crossing The Line
Studio Movie Grill Plano


7:30 pm
Magnolia Landmark Theater


7:30 pm
Morning Glory

8:00 pm
North by Northwest
The Angelika Dallas Patio


10:30 am
Megamind 3D
Cinemark West

10:30 am
tba - Dallas

There are two screenings listed on GOFOBO for Dallas, but no theaters are listed. If anyone has any info on those "to be announced" theater listings, please let us know.

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