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Sunday, November 23, 2014

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Moseley, Daina
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3:26 AM
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To: damitdaina@hotmail.com

Thanksgiving week already, where did the year go? Hope you don’t eat too much turkey!! Be safe if you are going to brave the crowds on Black Friday!!

Well this week I went to the movie and was so upset. Yep two seats down from me was a big talker during the movies. Yes I normally try to stay away from him but alas he sat close by. Please be kind to the people around you and not talk during the movie. You may think you are not talking loud but guess what you are! There is no need to say hey that guy is dead, yes we know he were not under a rock. But thanks for pointing that out! (sarcasm)

Now on to the second thing that bugs me. I have heard a lot of people won Mockingjay part 1 tickets but by the time they went to get their tickets all the tickets were gone. So whomever is forwarding out their winning email and letting all their friends go and taking away from people who actually won isn’t playing by the rules. Come on now, how would you feel to have won, then check it out and bam all the tickets were gone. I don’t think you would be happy about that, now would you? So the moral of this is let’s play fair and let all the people who won get their tickets!

Please contact me if you have any questions at damitdaina@hotmail.com

Sunday Nov. 23rd

Raging Bull Sunset Annette Strauss Square

Monday Nov. 24th

Tuesday Nov. 25th

Wednesday Nov. 26th

Thursday Nov. 27th


Friday Nov. 28th

Saturday Nov. 29th

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