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Friday, March 24, 2017

Personal Shopper

Now that the Twilight saga is over (Team Edward) Kirsten Stewart can finally really show some range in the new paranormal thriller "Personal Shopper". Written and directed by Olivier Assayas a French filmmaker that worked with Kirsten before in "Clouds of Sils Maria". He has written and directed over 30 films, with the particular way he films I feel he is a film favorite. Kirsten plays Maureen Cartwright a American living in Paris working as a personal shopper for a spoiled affluent celebrity. Moonlighting as a medium and reeling from the unexpected death of her twin brother she reaches out into the void to find a sign of her brother but gets more than she bargains for. Feeling ambivalent about her situation she gets caught between the unseen world and reality she escapes though her work being at the beck and call for a employer she hates.

Kirsten Stewart and Lars Eidinger dance a eerie forbidden entanglement for the screen, their dominant/submissive mind game of a relationship plays out as things get more sinister (texting has never been so creepy). Her fetishistic obsession with trying on clothes goes with the BDSM narrative also, so no prudes here. The ethereal beings Maureen contacts are not as disturbing as you think when you see how the nouveau riche shop for stuff and how much is spent on clothes for her rich client (it's a lot). Getting to see a inside look into the under belly of high fashion scene and the juxtaposition of pretty people doing ugly stuff (mind... blown). This film is dark more ways than one with some scenes that are nearly pitch black, which gives it a claustrophobic intensity. With a almost nonexistent music soundtrack it really adds to the tension with lots of uneasy bouts of silence that you think your hearing things. With the backdrop of jet setting all over Europe makes it look glamorous, but a lonely life. The clothes though in this film are exquisite and Kirsten Stewart wears them very well, she is becoming a more well rounded actor.

I really liked this film but I was left having more questions than answers and feeling confused I have to watch it again, but that just might be his intention. It was very M. Night Shyamalan-esque with a twist at the end. There is some gore so just as a warning for anyone that can't stomach that but his one is definitely worth the ticket for a date night (leave the kids at home).
(Review by Samantha Leggio)

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