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Friday, March 3, 2017

Table 19

Director: Jeffrey Blitz
Writer: Mark and Jay Duplass (screenplay)
Cast: Anna Kendrick
Craig Robinson
Lisa Kudrow
June Squibb
Stephen Merchant
Tony Revolori

The new Duplass brothers comedy is the movie for all the black sheep out there, If u ever been dumped by a text then this film is for you. This ensemble cast play a bunch a misfits joined together by one thing, sometimes life can suck. This movie gives you a chance to find the dismal hilarity of being rejected by life and love.

Anna Kendrick brings a always welcome awkward delight to the screen. She plays Eloise a former maid of honor that decides to still go to her best friends wedding even after the bride's brother dumped her weeks earlier. As dejected as she is she soldiers on for her bestie to find out she is sat at the last table, table 19. With her at the table is Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson that play a couple that have lost their way. June Squibb plays the optimistic ex-nanny of the bride. Seven Merchant plays the freshly released bumbling ex-con cousin of the groom. Last but not least Tony Revolori plays the kid just looking for love in all the wrong places and ways. My favorite by far out of the whole bunch was Seven Merchant he kept me in stitches the entire time.

The movie was cringe worthy at the inelegant situations that they all kept getting into, but some how they always found a way to fix things by sticking together. The feel of the movie was anxiety ridden but to the point of laughter, because who else but them would this happen to. Anyone who’s socially inept would understand fully, classic Duplass brothers. Directed by Jeffrey Blitz was a obvious choice with work on "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation" there was nobody better to film this comedic gem.

Overall I truly enjoyed this film. It touched on many subjects not just being happy for another when your in pain but also loss and being resilient enough to rebuild. I saw a little bit of myself in every character. Even though they were all so different (truly a odd group they were) you had to root for them because they actually started to get along. The best thing about "Table 19" is it didn't just hit my funny bone, it touched my heart. I laughed, I cried and isn't that the point of a good movie. I'm cheering for the little guy and this cute little film is definitely going into my archive to watch again and definitely worth the ticket.
(Review by Samantha Leggio)

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