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Friday, April 8, 2011


Arthur is a filthy rich spoiled alcoholic 30 year old child man who is going to lose his inheritance unless he marries Susan. They had dated briefly about three years ago, but he doesn't have any feeling for her or anyone else, but she is approved by his mother and his mother holds the purse strings. One day Arthur meets Naomi who is illegally working as a tour guide. Through their friendly and charming banter Arthur realizes that for the first time he really likes someone.

Modern Family director Jason Winer and screenwriter Peter Bayhman changed the 1981 story by Steve Gordon to update for the short attention span audience 30 years later. Arthur has a nanny Hobson (Helen Mirren) instead of a Butler. He still has his Bitterman (Luis Guzmán) as his driver/playmate. Russell Brand is a unrepentant immature drunk throwing money around like no tomorrow. Even getting tossed in jail for racing around New York City in his Batmobile doesn't make him blink at the consequences. He calls his mother by her first name Vivienne (Geraldine James) because they are practically strangers. She believes that marrying the socially acceptable Susan will make him more stable and grown up. When Arthur meets Naomi he fails to tell her that he's engaged instead he's enjoying their time together. To prove that he's more suitable for Naomi Arthur attempts to get a real job and go to an AA meeting neither of which are successful but the fact he's making an effort is an improvement over his past behavior. Hobson notices that he's happier than he's ever been and asks his mother to reconsider to no avail. Eventually Naomi discovers that's he's engaged and she refuses to see Arthur. Meanwhile Hobson gets sick and Arthur experiences what it feels like to care for someone else.

It's been awhile since the original Dudley Moore version of Arthur that younger movie going audiences will not be able to drawn comparisons. John Gielgud as the Butler Hobson for which he won a best supporting Oscar had a stern dry delivery that balanced Dudley Moore's antics. Russell Brand's childish Arthur makes Mirren's Hobson more like an indulgent mother. The whole child man concept has worn out it's welcome but it continues to be made into cinematic comedies. If you don't think too closely this movie it's has it's moments of fun and hilarity. Especially Garner as his tipsy fiancée trying to seduce him and getting stuck under his magnetic bed. Nick Nolte is funny and menacing as Susan's construction worker father who wants to leave his empire to his daughter. You either love or hate Russell Brand always playing the self absorbed buffoon in every movie even in The Tempest. OK for an afternoon at the theater.
(Review by reesa)

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