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Friday, April 8, 2011


It's 1977 France and Suzanne Pujol is the “trophy wife” of a umbrella factory CEO. It was her father's company and by marrying Robert, he took over the company. They are wealthy enough for servants, but Suzanne fills her days being the dutiful wife to her chauvinist philandering husband. Lately she's feeling like she needs more, especially since it's her birthday and only her children remembered.

Catherine Deneuve at 67 years old is still the most beautiful woman in the world. As Suzanne she is always perfectly coiffed and dressed even when jogging the image of well to do stay at home wife. She has two grown children, Joëlle (Judith Godrèche) her married daughter and Laurent (Jérémie Renier) an art major. When her husband Robert has trouble at the factory when he's kidnapped by the communist union workers Laurent who never wanted anything to do with the factory attempts to negotiate with the workers. He ends up getting beat up by his father and rescued by the factory workers. Suzanne is asked to intervene so in her typical fashion dolls up because in her mind she is thanking the factory workers for her lifestyle. Suzanne manages to quell the all male leaders buying time. She asks for help from socialist member of parliament Maurice Babin (Gérard Depardieu) with whom she had a hot tryst in the woods many years ago. He still harbors lingering feelings from that time and agrees. This brings the ire of Robert who does not want to give in to the workers and falls ill to heart trouble. Suzanne steps in full time to get the factory working again and in the process finds her voice. She discovers she's well suited to the task being assertive and resourceful. She even wins over Robert's secretary and lover Nadège (Karin Viard). She also gives her children jobs and they too also thrive. When Robert returns, Suzanne doesn't want to give up her position.

Director François Ozon adapted the story from a play by the same name adding Suzanne's political career at the end of the movie. The scenes are very theatrical. The sets, music, color, costumes and even the film titles have a true late 70's feel. The situations border on goofy French slapstick at times with Suzanne talking to the animals and the broad strokes painted of the characters. But it does offer some silly topsy turvy moments that you don't really care because it's just too much fun. In case you don't remember those days when women didn't have the rights they enjoy now it's a nice reminder of the times. It's French with subtitles, but don't let that keep you from seeing this old school delightful film.
(Review by reesa)

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