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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movies Scheduled for the Week of 6/26 - 7/2

Yes, tomorrow it's going to be a crazy at Northpark with Transformers so everyone try and keep it together and behave yourselves.

Which brings us to the big fat rant:GOFOBO misuse. A code was leaked and shared causing major problems with people not being able to redeem their winning passes. The website offering said passes were put in an uncomfortable quandary and understandably peeved. When you take a code that you didn't personally win and take someone else's pass, you are a thief. Plain simple and cause for being banned from this group. The bigger this issue becomes the harder it is for us to enjoy the privilege. Eventually tighter rules will become enforced and what was once enjoyable will become a major pain you know where. Hopefully everyone in this group understands how this system works because we only tell it to you at least once a month. There's always that chance if you stole the code your scan bar may have been voided, or they will match your names to a list of people who were the legitimate winners. How do you think it will feel standing in line all that time and getting rejected when you try and turn in those stolen passes? Something to ponder, eh?

Next problem: From now on please don't use this group to try and win passes for yourself by soliciting entries. Sorry that post was let through and confused everyone. Any other posts like that will be deleted.

June 26 - July 2, 2011


7:30 pm

Pretty in Pink
Central 214


7:30 pm
Transformers: Dark of The Moon
AMC Northpark


7:30 pm
Angelika Dallas


6:00 pm
Studio Movie Grill Dallas

7:30 pm
A Better Life
Angelika Dallas

7:30 pm
Friends with Benefits
Studio Movie Grill Plano

10:00 pm
Horror Remix: Beast
Studio Movie Grill Dallas


7:30 pm
Horrible Bosses
Studio Movie Grill Dallas

8:00 pm
What Happens in Vegas
Nylo Hotel Plano

9:00 pm
Sea Biscuit
4th and Main Sundance Square Fort Worth

9:00 pm
The Goonies
UT Arlington

10:00 pm
Horror Remix: Beast
Studio Movie Grill Arlington


8:30 pm
Finding Nemo
Fairmont Hotel Dallas pool area


8:30 pm
Villages at Fairview

8:45 pm
Half-Price Books Parking Lot

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