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Monday, April 23, 2012

DIFF Movie Reviews by Wyatt Head

Thank You For Judging- A humorous look at the incredible hardwork of certain high school students who take an extra curricular activity the most serous.

Bindlestiffs-The height of rudeness and the height of creative comedic mastery that both brainwash us all to the minds of a high school senior.

My Way - A violent and gross yet truthful interpretation of the war in Japan. The devastation in this film is jaw-dropping and as eye-opening as any factual documentary would be.

Heleno - This story connected to the audience with its great-looking character’s, a tremendously good job in acting, and it’s damage to the main character. This story teaches us that sometimes one’s anger can be catastrophic.

Liberal Arts - This was another cute and lovable film that had big stars and wonderful scenes for the public.

Girls! Girls! Girls! - This series of new shorts struck me as quirky, interesting, and well just quirky. Each short had a touch of creativity and thought to it.

You Can Count on Me- This film landed the mixture of love and frustration and sewed it through a reel of film. It was a perfect picture of what some people deal with in life.

The Invisible War- This punch to the face made me incredibly angry and disgusted by one of the military’s idiosyncrasies. I was shocked at what these interviewees had to say. This makes me extremely mad at our country and makes me never want to join our military.

Tonight You’re Mine- This really rocking film had me bouncing up and down in my seat and the music was vivid and uncontrollable. If no one noticed the cinematography, it certainly had some in there with its capturing of one modern day rock day.

Intouchables- What a great way to almost end the festival. Everything in this film seemed cared for and all the scenes were outrageously smart and funny. If this was filmed in the US it would be a capturing of where we want to be—the wealthy interacting with the others.

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