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Monday, April 16, 2012

Wyatt Head's DIFF Reviews

Abuelas- This film struck so many people’s hearts in the theater while teaching them about a forgotten horror that many people of Spain suffered.

Benny- This film showed one of the truest feelings of all—self-anger. Through the eyes of an element that is most definitely true in North America we got to see the trial that can destroy certain people and lift up others.

Wash Me- A story that will never get old in which the teacher gets taught by the student. This brought extreme hope and tears to my eyes for the people that go through the horrible situation of losing the closest thing one has.

Nani- This film is a look into the transformation or should I say the reveal of a boy’s heart. It lets those authorities know that every one still has a heart, even the rebellious ones.

We’re Not Broke- A most revealing and pricking documentary that brings credit to the middle class America to be mad at the corruption in politics.

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