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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guilt Trip

The great Barbra Streisand is the ultimate Diva, with rightfully earned “ / “ titles in her varied career. It's only fitting that the Guilt Trip film makers offered her a road movie that could be totally filmed a few miles from her beautiful home in Malibu. Director Anne Fletcher (The Proposal, 27 Dresses and Step Up) with writer Dan Fogelman (Crazy, Stupid, Love and Cars) serve up a different take on the typical travel adventure involving a mom and her adult son.

Joyce Brewster (Streisand) is the stereotypical New Jersey mom, widowed for many years, with only her son to center her over bearing attention. She is prone to leave multiple voice messages on his phone offering suggestions, tidbits, and advice. Andy (Seth Rogen), a scientist turned inventor, has set up a series of meetings to pitch his non toxic cleaning product Scioclean to retailers. He plans to be gone for about a month, so he suggests to his mother to go out and meet someone. She tries to go to a mixer, but ends up discouraging all potential matches. Joyce confesses to her son that she had one great love of her life and he was named after him. Curious Andy “Googles” his namesake and finds someone by that name working for the same company he did when he met his mom and now living in San Francisco. He decides to ask him mom to travel with him and surprise her with the real reason for the stop in the Bay area.

The episodic nature of a road movie has each town have it's own moments that mostly entails Andy getting turned down during his presentations. Even his mom's loving support that her child can do no wrong and everything will be alright begins to wear the viewer down with the character's bickering and Joyce's random conversations and constant snack food intake. There's one WTF set up with Joyce eating a 50 ounce steak dinner so she can get it for free. Because she loves bargains to the point where she refills up her bottle water containers from the tap. Brett Cullen shows up as a steak house expert who flirts with Joyce, then like most of the other supporting characters in the film quickly disappears.

Andy may worry about his mom's love life, but Joyce also spends time fretting over her son's inability maintain a long lasting relationship. You would imagine if one is stuck in a car with one's mother listening to an audio book called Middlesex about a hermaphrodite would be potentially funny. Unfortunately most of the comedy falls flat. Fortunately it makes up for it by the endearing and annoying Striesand, the unusually restrained Rogen enjoying some real heart as mom and son that should make up for the lack of laugh out loud moments. This movie like Striesand didn't really travel far to work but it should have gone somewhere interesting.
(Review by reesa)

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