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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reesa's Oscar Predictions 2013

The Academy Awards is the Superbowl for movie fans. This is the night where we hang out with friends at the Angelika on the big screen, at someone's house, or sit in your jammies by the TV indulging in the spectacle of pretty people in designer clothes, hobnobbing and smiling while we watch for that telltale sign of disappointment flash in their eyes when they don't win. We run to the bathroom when they get to their long winded "thank you" speeches being grateful to God, and their third grade teacher, then forgetting the names of their kids and spouses. Seth McFarland is the host and it could go either way. Nothing sets the evening off badly than some Oscar night embarrassment. Remember that thing with Rob Lowe and Snow White? Or Angelina giving her brother a full kiss on the mouth? Or when Celine Dion was singing the Titanic song and hitting herself so hard on her bony chest it looked like it would cave in.

So did you keep track of your favorites? Please feel free to leave a comment of your choices this year.

Best Picture

Will win: "Argo"
Could win: "Lincoln"
Who I want to win: "Life of Pi"

Argo has been winning all over the place, and remarkably Ben Affleck was snubbed a nomination for this fine work. Since the momentum is with Argo, there may be chance for it to get it all. Lincoln is by far the best movie, but in my heart I want Life of Pi.

Best Director

Will win: Steven Spielberg
Could win: Michael Haneke
Who I want to win: Ang Lee

Spielberg may take this one because Affleck is not in the running. There's some much attention to Amour, but I really, really want Ang Lee to win.

Best Actor

Will win: Daniel Day-Lewis
Could win: Hugh Jackman
Who I want to win: Day-Lewis

It would be a major upset if anyone else wins.

Best Actress

Will win: Emmanuelle Riva
Could win: Jennifer Lawrence
Who I want to win: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has been getting lots of love for Silver Linings Playbook and much deserved. But Emmanuelle Riva may be honored because of her body of work and that would be the oldest recipient ever.

Best Supporting Actor

Will win: Robert DeNiro
Could win: Christoph Waltz
Who I want to win: Robert DeNiro

It may be Tommy Lee Jones who was wonderful. Actually everyone in the category deserves the attention. But in my eyes DeNiro should win.

Best Supporting Actress

Will win: Anne Hathaway
Could win: Sally Field
Who I want to win: Anne Hathaway

It will be another major upset if anyone walks away with the trophy except for Anne Hathaway.

Best Original Screenplay

Will win: "Django Unchained"
Could win: "Amour"
Who I want to win: Django Unchained

This is a no brainer.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Will win: "Argo"
Could win: "Silver Linings Playbook"
Who I want to win: "Lincoln"

Lincoln was an amazing piece of work and Silver Linings Playbook was brilliant, but Argo has the heat.

Best Foreign Film

Will win: "Amour"
Could win: "No"
Who I want to win: "Intouchables"

Intouchables wasn't even nominated but it should have been.

Best Documentary

Will win: "Searching For Sugar Man"
Could win: "The Gatekeepers"
Who I want to win: Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry

As with Ai Wei Wei:Never Sorry was out of the running. But hope to see Searching for Sugar Man take it home.

Best Animated Film

Will win: "Frankenweenie"
Could win: "Brave"
Who I want to win: “The Secret World of Arriety”

Another film that was completely ignored for the big budget movies. Studio Ghibli creates these beautiful little movies that are a wonder and deserve some attention.

Best Cinematography

Will win: "Life of Pi"
Could win: "Skyfall"
Who I want to win: "Life of Pi"

Skyfall was amazing, but Life of Pi was enchanting.

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