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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Movies scheduled for June 30- July 6th

Wow the year is already half way over. Where has the time gone? Just wanted to say Happy Independence Day everyone. Please stay safe if you are going to go pop some fireworks.

Just to let you all know when you go to a screening they are always overbooked. The theater has no way of knowing how many seats are going to be reserved. With that being said, they have no clue as to when to cut off the lines. So you are taking your chances every single time!

The AFFD is coming up July 11-18th. If you would like to volunteer they are having a meeting today at 2pm at Angelika.

It is not cool to go on and facebook and complain about what a crappy job the theater is doing. They are working hard to let us see a free movie!! Would you want a couple of hundred people coming to your job and then have them all go on facebook and say you are doing a crappy job because you can’t make everyone happy? I don’t think so! I know I wouldn’t want that many people at my job! Just remember we don’t bite the hand that feeds us! It is a closed group for the people of Dallas area so you never know if one of their employees or management gets on our group and then finds out we do nothing but bitch. So please don’t ruin it for everyone and keep the complain about theaters down.

As always let’s have fun and see you at the movies.

June 30- July 6th

June 30
The Motorcycle Diaries 7pm Kimbell Art Museum

July 1st
Yankee Doodle Dandy 7pm Highland Park Village
The Lone Ranger 7:30pm Northpark
The Lone Ranger 7:30pm West Plano
The Lone Ranger 7:30pm Ridmar Mall
Kevin Hart Let Me Explain 7:30pm SMG
Kevin Hart Let Me Explain 7:30pm TBA

July 2nd
Pacific Rim 6:30 Northpark
The Way Way Back 7:30pm Angelika Dallas

July 3rd

July 4th

Jusy 5th

July 6th

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