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Thursday, March 3, 2016


Every animated children's movie that comes out seems to carry a broad theme about life, our families, our environment while offering bright colorful visuals to stimulate young minds. This new Disney feature directed by Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush was written by Jared Bush and Phil Johnston. It takes us to this alternative universe where animals have evolved from their predator/prey beginnings to a more civilized environment. The big issues covered are diversity, prejudice, sexism, racism, stereotypes and acceptance, all told from the eyes of big and small mammals.

Judy Hops (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) comes from a small farming community where her parents and 100 something siblings grow mostly carrots. She has a dream of being a cop and going to the major metropolis of Zootopia, “where anyone can be anything”. Her ambitions don't sit well with her family (Bonnie Hopps and Don Lake) who think that she should be happy settling for complacency. Afterall, the police are filled with large predator types, not small and timid bunnies. She works hard and graduates at the top of her class and leaves hoping to make a difference in the world. Her new boss Chief Bogo, a cape buffalo (Idris Elba) assigns everyone on the case of 14 missing mammals, but Judy is regulated to being a meter maid. On her duty, she encounters a red fox, Nick Wilde, who with his sometime partner scams her. Later, with the help of the Dawn Bellwether, the sweet sheep and Deputy Mayor (Jenny Slate) she manages to get help Mrs. Otterton (Octavia Spencer) to find her missing husband. Chief Bogo gives her 48 hours to find Mr. Otterton or she must turn in her badge.

She enlists the help of Nick Wilde when she sees him on the street cam. Her father had warned her to stay away from Foxes, even giving her a spray of Fox deterrent. The sarcastic fox and hard working positive bunny make an unlikely pair. The clues take them all over Zootopia which has different Eco-systems to cater to the different species. Like ice and snow for polar bears and jungles for wild cats. Mice even have their own city within the big city scaled to their small sizes. Everyone pretty much get along, but as with any society, the biggest and baddess seem to lead. Preconceived mind sets and attitudes only seems to keep the populace from all getting along. It doesn't help that Judy and Nick uncover a plot that turns mammals into their ancient beginnings of walking on all fours and being deadly.

The story movies quickly and the plot thickens. Judy and Nick have their own issues to deal with while trying to work with each other. It's a clever and witty story that seemed to be resolved fairly predictably. It doesn't quite enchant the view like Inside Out, but it's a nice afternoon for the kids.
(Review by reesa)

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