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Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Private War

Nowadays the world of journalism is under fire for being fake and the enemy of the people. And that reality is something this current administration is pressed to rewrite in their favor. Then you have brave and unyielding women and men in the middle of violence and unrest across the globe to bring the stories of the people affected by unjust governments and rebellion. Journalist Marie Colvin is one such hero. Based on the 2012 article "Marie Colvin’s Private War" in Vanity Fair by Marie Brenner, it was directed by Matthew Heineman and written by Arash Amel. Rosamund Pike gives the performance of a lifetime and deserves a nod during this awards season.

As an American reporter who works for the Sunday Times since 1985, Marie had build up a reputation as an award winning journalist covering the most intense and dangerous places in the world. The story begins with her death in 2012 in Homs, Syria then flashes back 11 years like a countdown to where she loses her eye covering the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. Wearing a pirate like eye patch only adds to her mystique. Despite her injuries she delivers her story on time subsequently winning a Journalist of the Year award. In 2012, she meets Paul Conroy (Jamie Dorman) a freelance photographer and asks him to capture story behind enemy lines. She hired a backhoe to dig up a possible mass grave site of 600 people killed 12 years previously near the Iraqi border. We follow her as she covers conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria. Which is in stark contrast to her upscale life in London, parties, drinking, chain smoking and multiple affairs.

The cost of her eyewitness reporting on quiet bravery of those trying to survive begins to take a toll. She is having nightmares that even heavy drinking doesn't seem to quell. Her best friend urges her that she may be suffering from PTSD. Marie goes to the hospital but she wants to get back in the field. The movies doesn't address what happened in the past that compelled her to become so dogged on the rush of adrenaline that comes from dodging gunfire and bombs. She is the first to want to go back and help those left behind when escape is open to her.

A Private War is a powerful story that reminds all of us of the people who are affected by the political conflicts that destroy nations. Marie reported the human lives traumatized by dictators killing their own population. Not the strategies and war plans of one side or the other. She told the story of women and children starving, homes being destroyed, bullets picking of kids. And Paul recorded the pictures to back it up.

Rosamund Pike is totally unrecognizable in this role from the usual sweet romantic parts she is usually cast. Tom Hollander as Sean Ryan her boss at the Times is constantly threatening to move her to the Home and Gardens section to keep her out of danger. Stanley Tucci appears as Tony Shaw a rich boy friend. If anything you will walk away with a better appreciation for those journalists that put their life on the line to bring you the truth of the world.
(Review by reesa)

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