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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I Miss You When I See You

Hong Kong’s independent filmmaker and one of the city’s few out LGBT directors, Simon Chung, creates a story that explores the loneliness and depression brought on by unrequited love in a world where same sex relations are considered illegal. The bleak digital cinematographic style enhances the masculine dynamic of the characters. It's a quiet and lonely journey as two young men must accept and embrace their true selves.

Jamie (Bryant Mak) and Kevin (Jun Li) were friends in school but they haven't seen each other in 10 years. Jamie who was visiting an uncle in Melborne, goes to Sydney to see Kevin who is living in a halfway house for people are recovering from serious depression. They haven't seen each other in 10 years. It's a tentative and awkward meeting, yet Kevin decides to accept Jamie's invitation to return to Hong Kong. Jamie wasn't exactly ready when Kevin asks if he could stay with him until he gets work and his own place. Jamie's girlfriend Elaine (Candy Cheung) is suspicious of Kevin. Whatever estranged the two friends hangs over them as the story highlights some flashbacks from their school days. Jamie was the more outgoing and had lots of friends, while Kevin was an outcast. Still they developed a close friendship. Jamie works for a tutoring company and gets Kevin a job. He invites him to gathering with his friends, but he still feels uncomfortable. At one point Jamie asks Kevin why he came back. Kevin confesses that he thought about Jamie all the time. But Jamie says he can't live in the past.

Kevin endures adjusting to the fast paced city life while also comes to terms with his own sexuality. Jamie who by all appearances seems to be the more stable one is fighting his feelings. He even shows up at his girlfriend's workplace trying to purpose which goes badly. Jamie criticizes Kevin's friendship with one of his tutor students. Eventually Kevin starts using a Tinder type phone app to set up hook ups. In a society where same-sex partners can be arrested for immoral behavior it's understandable why they are both reluctant to give in to their true natures and denying their emotional connections. Simon Chung effectively charts their struggles while empathizing with Kevin and Jamie. The final scene is full of hope and surrender.
(Review by reesa)

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Available on VOD: 12/11/18
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