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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Teen Views of Movies by Wyatt Head

Angelika 10th Anniversary

Pride And Prejudice- An elegant story that mixes jewels and plastic beads in a love and that notifies the audience that no matter what caste you are in the world is still your oyster.

(500) Days Of Summer- This film is just another good film to some but to others it is an opportunity to get their lives brought to light on the silver screen. That’s just how good it is.

Made- I see certain mafia films that just make me angry or unhappy because of the fact that they are so violent. There are other mafia films, which are “mafia films”—I’M NOT GONNA LIE--, that make me feel good and satisfied and not just like I had a shot of caffeine or God knows what. This is a perfect example of such a film.

Mulholand Dr.- A freaky yet enrapturing film that complicated me to explosion but that still kept me entertained.

(end of anniversary ones)

A Barefoot Dream- This is a film that kicks the "ball" through freedom, sympathy, ambition, and finally the goal of dreams.

30 Minutes Or Less- Imagine the way a child laughs every five seconds while watching Tom And Jerry. This film is the literally breath-taking and Hilarious "Tom And Jerry" but for adults ONLY!!!

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes- A film that gets your heartbeat climbing and shatters the glass boundaries of action movie film making.

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