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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Movies Scheduled for the Week of 9/30 - 10/01

It seems like it's time for another reminder to folks to PLEASE do not hit "reply" when responding to a pass offer. Send it to the person who is making the offer and NOT to the list. If you send it to the list, it will be rejected, sent back to you, you will lose out in getting the pass because you didn't take the couple seconds to copy and paste the personal email address in the correct place.

We all save spots in line for family and friends who can't get to the theater in time. Most of us are accepting of this fact, until the number of people cutting in front of you becomes excessive. (As in more than 4-5). There's one particular group that does this constantly but they probably don't read these Sunday rants, or they are too self righteous to think it pertains to them. But we know who you are....

Parent: please use some discretion when bringing your kids to the movies. When a movie is rated "R" leave the kids at home. Excessive graphic sex and violence is not good for developing minds. Heck, it's not good for adult minds. Please research the movies you select, check the ratings, watch the trailers. Make informed decisions before coming to the theater.

September 30 - October 6

Sept 30

Oct 1

Oct 2

7:00PM Frankenweenie - Fort Worth
7:00PM Frankenweenie - Amstar 14
7:00PM Taken 2 - AMC Northpark
7:00PM The Girl - Angelika Dallas

Oct 3

7:00PM Frankenweenie - AMC Northpark
7:00PM How to Survive a Plague - Angelika Dallas
7:30PM Seven Psychopaths - Rave Ridgmar Fort Worth
8:00PM Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Sundown Granada

Oct 4

7:00PM Chasing Mavericks - Studio Movie Grill Dallas
7:30PM The Sessions - Angelika Dallas
7:30PM Argo - Dallas
7:30PM Chicago Fire TV Show - Angelika Dallas
8:00PM The Birds - Angelika Dallas Patio

Oct 5

Oct 6

10:30AM Here Comes the Boom - Dallas

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