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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Movies scheduled for Aug. 11th- 17th

Ok here we go again. Please don’t let 15-20 people in line with you. Yes I know people have to work and such but come on. You would not want to get early in line and then to find out you are like 25th in line when you were like 4th. Now would you? I know most of us are grown ups and know how to say excuse me. If you get into someone’s personal space be polite and say excuse me, pardon me or something. Don’t just be rude and think they see you when the world doesn’t revolve around you!!

This should go without saying but here we go. Don’t try to sell your free tickets on twitter! Come on now really? Just because it is a boy band movie and most of the teenage girls want to see it doesn’t mean it is right to try to sell them. Trust me the people that give out the tickets are watching and you will be band from winning from the sites.

As always you can email me any questions you have

See you at the movies

Aug. 11th

Peruvian Weaving (1980) & Dancing with the Incas (1982)7pm
Kimball Art Museum

Aug. 12th

Lee Daniels' The Butler 7 pm
The Magnolia

Aug. 13th

Kick Ass 2 7:30 pm
In a World 7:30 pm
Angelika Dallas
You're Next 8 pm
Angelika Dallas

Aug. 14th

Instructions Not Included 7:30 pm
Angelika Dallas
Jobs 7:30 pm
Angelika Dallas
Paranoia 7:30 pm

Aug. 15th

One Direction: This is Us 7pm
Studio Movie Grill Royal
Unplugged 7:30 pm
AMC Mesquite 30

Aug. 9th

Aug. 10th

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  1. I want to screen The Butler tonight. I've tried everything! Would anyone care to share a pass with me? I'm solo. Email me at:

  2. I want to screen The Butler tonight. I've tried everything! Would anyone care to share a pass with me? I'm solo. Email me at:

  3. Maybe you don't want to share, but you have an extra pass. I'm not picky. I just want to see the Butler tonight. Please help. If you knew my story... I've been through a lot this month, this year, and I look forward to these outings. Besides, these passes tend to disappear as soon as they post. Have a heart. Contact me at:

  4. Never mind, good people. My angel secured me access. Thanks!