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Thursday, March 20, 2014


This is the best movie of the year for me so far. This is a thought provoking Hitchcock-ian film noire that isn't spoon fed to you. And is what I really loved about this movie. The directing is crisp, dark, mind bending and overall it's refreshing to see something this good. The overall tone is perfect for the type of story it is. Essentially it's one character finding out there is an actor that looks like him and he tracks this actor down to get to the bottom of this. That description makes it sound like an old 19'50's thriller and that's what this movie had going for it. It felt like a classic already. The acting is top notch as Jake Gyllenhaal plays the characters and he plays both of them so differently that I bought it was two different people even though its the same actor. The mannerisms in each character were spot on and Gyllenhall nails it. The cinematography is gorgeous and lit so well especially in the darker scenes. Every shot is framed really well and is effective for what is going on in each scene. Beautiful yet subtle camera movements make the shots haunting and filled with tension. The movie is an hour and half long but it flies by because its very investing and you want to know what happens next so you can piece this puzzle together. I can't gush about this movie anymore. This is a must see and it will get you talking afterwards in a good way. A thought provoking thriller that is visually stunning with a fantastically creepy soundtrack and powerful acting that this story unique...oh and there is spiders. 9/10
(Review by Chase Lee)

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