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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Movies Scheduled for the Week of 3/23-3/29

Hi everyone! Daina is taking the night off posting this week's movie schedule, but she will be back soon keeping an eye on y'all and fielding your questions. Please contact her if you have any questions at damitdaina@hotmail.com

In the meantime, the Dallas International Film Festival is coming soon! From April 3-13, over a 170+ films will be showcased featuring the filmmakers in attendance. Check out the film schedule here. http://secure.dallasfilm.org/diff2014 People from all over the country will be visiting Dallas to attend the festival. This is our chance to show the world some Big "D" hospitality. Plus a nice chance to say thank you for all the free movies that we get to see during the year. Who knows movie lines like we do? To sign up go to: https://www.volgistics.com/ex/portal.dll/ap?AP=173844589

OK...the big Captain America screening is coming soon which means everyone and their mother will be hustling for passes to the screening. Lets keep in mind that you don't start begging others for their passes until you enter all the contests on your own. Just because Daina is doing most of the moderating for our group doesn't mean I'm not keeping watch. There are a few people (looking at you...) who chronically wake up from their coma and suddenly don't remember seeing the notice of passes being given away. We post stuff on Facebook, Twitter, the calendar on our Yahoo Group pages in case you need to find where to get passes. People are not getting passes just so they can give it to you. AND Daina, nor I personally have passes that we are hoarding to give to group. So please don't ask us for passes. Please don't ask us to access Facebook and Twitter for you for those GOFOBO codes. Please don't share the codes you win with other people because the people who actually do win won't be able to access their pass.

As everyone probably knows now that the movie theaters are making stricter controls on people dropping off their chairs and taking off. Unless you want the theaters coming up with more rules and regulations then please abide by this simple request and stay with your spot in line. And please be reasonable about the number of spaces you are saving. Nothing is more irritating than someone holding more than a handful of spaces. This is an on going situation which people keep abusing. We are all adults here so behave.

Despite this group operating for the past 8 years, one would hope that everyone knows not to hit "reply" when responding to pass offers. Because if you do and you wonder why no one got back to you...well...your message went to the moderator box where it was systematically disintegrated, zapped, destroyed in a fiery heap. So take the time, double check that return address before hitting "send".

Gosh...I haven't berated the group in quite some time, so please excuse the rant. Have a good movie week!

March 23 - March 29

Sunday  -  March 23rd

Monday - March 24th

Tuesday - March 25th
Sabotage 7:00pm AMC NorthPark
Sabotage 7:00pm Cinemark 17
Draft Day 7:30pm

Wednesday - March 26th

Thursday - March 27th
A Haunted House 2 5:00pm AMC NorthPark
Heaven is For Real 7:00pm SMG Royal
Draft Day 7:30pm Cinemark Legacy Plano
Draft Day 7:30pm Cinemark West Plano
Draft Day 7:30pm Cinemark 17 Webb Chapel
Draft Day 7:30pm Cinemark Alliance Town Ctr Fort Worth

Friday - March 28th
Saturday - March 29th

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