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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fahrenheit 11/9

Michael Moore has produced another insightful film, this time about a very predictable subject. The title, Fahrenheit 11/9, is a play on words reference to the novel Fahrenheit 911, that is a clear reference to the day Donald Trump was elected and he quickly becomes the visible Target of Michael Moore's diatribe at the beginning of the film.

While going after Donald Trump and the current state of America, he asks us to examine closely and also realize that the worrisome issues are not entirely about our president but it is also about "us" and "ourselves". Moore implores the viewers to care, wake up and do something about it all before it's too late. The filmmaker truly fears that our democratic republic is at risk based on all the insanity and madness he sees everyday and about to show the viewers.

Presented in his typical humor- filled format, but with less than usual sarcasm and overt sensationalized drama, Moore examines several areas of hypocrisy and corruption in different parts of our country. The NRA and school shootings are closely examined via the Parkland Florida student advocates, as they are shown as great examples for how to get angry, take action and do something.

As he is a Flint Michigan product, of course the government corruption there that directly impacted his city's water supply and the health and well-being of thousands of children, primarily minority and poor children is examined in enough detail to make any viewer with a heart outraged. Power in numbers is demonstrated through an examination of the teacher strikes in West Virginia that snowballed into a red bandana movement all across the country, encouraging educators to band together, not only for pay but basic health care so that they can live above the poverty line.

He actually takes it fairly easy on President Trump for the portrayals and scenarios could have been much more embarrassing and damning, as Moore attempts to answer the question of how did he even get in the White House and how did we get into this current position. It's interesting to be reminded, as he points out, that he was one of the few that predicted that Trump could actually win the election, as the film begins with an in depth study as to how he actually won. Blames it all on Gwen Stefani. Go see the film to find out why.

The film itself is full of interesting information and talking points but it appears as Michael Moore ages he is going to be less caustic in his presentation methods. It is more than loaded with video clips, documentation, interviews and expert testimony to backup a multitude of claims and opinions. His earlier, more sensationalized films, have hopefully not put enough people off or affected his reputation adversely, so that they do not consider skipping this film.

There are plenty of important subjects to consider and pay attention to no matter what side of the political spectrum you align with. His point is well taken in that if you only think the problem is Trump then you are misguided because the president is a representation of who our society is today which is ultimately a reflection of who we are as a society and what we stand for as individuals. And if you don't like what you see in Washington DC, State governments or in your own mirror then it's time to make a change. Sooner than later.

What Michael Moore does best is to make his viewers feel something, anything. He also aspires to make them think and think hard. No matter what, go see the film and get out there and vote, with your heart and more importantly your brain.
(Review by Cheryl Wurtz)

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