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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Bad Folks

Director: Michael Crum and Gerald Crum

Studio: MGI Films

Review: Bad Folks!

Bar-fighting sequences are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making an action movie or thriller movie or both at the same time, same pace. Just to let readers know that this is made in Dallas as the film was being shot somewhere in Richardson, TX under the Dallas County area. The film is heavily directed and produced by Michael and Gerald Crum who serve as writers for the film. Bad Folks also features the focusing cast of Shanon Snedden, Joshua Winch, and Gerald Crum.

Bad Folks follows the story of a small group of people who are set to meet up with an unnamed investor, but when things go awry, their sideways and confessions lead to a violent confrontation between each of them inside the bar.

Under the direction coming from Michael and Gerald Crum, they pretty much know how the film feels when they both shoot an action, indie B-movie inside the bar, which is the only location they focus on shooting during the ongoing pandemic, which is a difficult timing for filmmakers in these days as the COVID-pandemic begins to spread across America. They set the standards on controlling the characters’ traits and the storyline in that order. Though the story and the ending left me confused and extremely unmotivated to see as my main downfalls for this film have broken my spirits up when it comes to seeing an action film, but with a smaller cast and crew. It’s really difficult and somewhat nervousing to view how the story is going to flow through.

The cast here is limited to at least 10 people on screen, maybe less if counted respectively. Most of the cast does well on their parts while the others are on the cringy side of acting. The acting needs a little bit of work but they know what to do at the bar right there. Since the film contains a much smaller ensemble cast, the film felt like they provided tons of hits and misses on the character roles while watching the film carefully which is very easy to follow but harder to pay close attention to.

Overall, Bad Folks is an interesting super indie with a low budget, but not as enjoyable to say the least. It doesn’t add up to some particular levels on how a thriller film works, but it highly works well for some actors right there. The cast, despite the smaller numbers shown in the film, have done a great job and that’s more than anybody can usually ask for. I can tell you that even with those 70 minutes on the clock, the film is very tough to watch with some crazy amounts of blood and violence being scraped from top to bottom.


(Review by Henry Pham)

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