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Friday, October 8, 2021

On the Fringe of Wild

Director: Emma Catalfamo

Studio:Breaking Glass Pictures

Review: On the Fringe of Wild

LGBT films have a huge effect on LGBTQ+ audiences. On the Fringe of Wild serves as the directorial debut for diretor Emma Catalfamo as she wants to explore gender roles on how they affect family relationships and dealing with toxic relationships with them. This is something one can fully understand how anyone can go deeper to broaden their horizons. This film features the main cast of Harrison Browne, Cameron Stewart, and Mikael Melo.

On the Fringe of Wild takes place somewhere around 2000s in the "Romeo and Juliet" type romance between two teenage boys, set in a small-rural Ontario town, where love does not win, but the surviving players grow to learn and to accept themselves as members of the LGBTQ+ society.

Actor Harrison Browne portrays Peter, a teenager who’s an artist on drawing wildlife and animals while Cameron Stewart, another teenager who ran away from his toxic, abusive relationship with his father. Mikael Melo, on the other hand, stands on their way as Miles, the teenage bully who torments Peter and Jack.

Under Emma Catalfamo’s direction, On the Fringe of Wild somehow felt like it’s a suspense-thriller film with a side of buddy-comedy antics being installed to the addition. The director is really scoping the tropes on the main three actors experiencing harsh, dysfunctional realities on their families. Even with the suspense music coming from Lora Bidner and the cringeworthy script-writing from Sorelle Doucet, this film and her direction meet the criteria of being a teenage-thriller flick anyone has ever seen. Though what’s criticizable is the supportive characters that do not show any character development but discover shocking revelations reserved for the main characters.

On the Fringe of Wild do shine some moments thanks to the main trio’s performances and the camera moving pieces in that order, taking advantage of different environments, but mainly, the white rabbit shown in the film steals the show as the rabbit deeply serves as a direct message of love, life, and worth of living. It’s a powerful story where one can express love and good taste when it comes to building the blocks of human relationships based on gender and their social paths of community. Also, let this be a warning that this movie is tough to watch as this contains darker images that may frighten young teenagers.

Also appearing are Andrew Bee, Bernadette Medhurst, Audrey Nesbitt, and Adam Jenner. They played as Peter’s father, Beccy, Diane, and Harry. And lastly, Andrea Pavlovic plays the role of Miles’ girlfriend Candace.

Over the top, On the Fringe of Wild is ok to watch, but I will caution you when you choose this film as this contains frightening and darker images. Still, I say this is a bold move to learn something new everyday with a unique twist along the way. This film taught me a powerful lesson about social acceptances. The director and the main cast outdid themselves. I really want to like this film, but unfortunately, nothing too colorful is presented in the film which prevents me from giving this film a higher grade. The film will be released on October 12th on Apple TV, Amazon, and other streaming services.


(Review by Henry Pham)

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