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Friday, December 31, 2010

Reesa's Best and Worst Movies for 2010

This really hasn't been a stellar year for films when I have to carefully contemplate which has been my fave of the year. Usually one will hit me like a tsunami as Avatar did which lost out to The Hurt Locker at awards time. I wasn't too unhappy with the result because it was also a good film and deserved to be recognized. So if any of my top movies win this year, I will be perfectly satisfied. Would love to hear your top selections!



This was a hard decision. I'm not a big fan of Leo DiCaprio, and the concept for the film is often hard to decipher with the dream within a dream within a dream. But that's also the best thing about the movie. Never knew where it was going. Loved the cinematography and FX, the spinning top ending that had everyone groaning. Plus I have not gotten tired of watching it after numerous screenings. Will it win? Doubt it. My gut says the winner will be...

2.Black Swan

I love this film. Natalie Portman was a revelation. My number one pick for best actress. The close up from her perspective of the dance world, the creepy stage mom by welcome back to the big screen Barbara Hershey and Mila Kunis redeems herself after the Book of Eli (which I really didn't think was all that bad).

3.The Fighter

Probably one of the best sports movie I've seen. Not a big boxing fan, but loved the intimate and realistic look of Lowell, MA and it denizens. Made me homesick. Christian Bale should be a shoe-in for best supporting actor as is Melissa Leo for best supporting actress.

4.True Grit

How can anyone improve on John Wayne's Rooster Cogburn? Jeff Bridges that's who. The Coen Brothers with their unique perspective fashioned the movie to closely align with the book rather than after the 1968 version. The period speak sold me right away. And Hailee Steinfeld was a great find.

5.127 Hours

After Buried, didn't think another single man caught in an unfortunate situation was going to be a big sell. But in the hands of Danny Boyle who visually kept our attention and James Franco's amazing performance makes this one of the top movies of the year.

6.The Town

Will everyone please stop putting down Ben Affleck! Tight, tense, and engrossing crime action drama featuring a great turn by Jeremy Renner. One of the big surprises this year. At least for me.

7.Winter's Bone

Caught this at the film festivals this year and was blown away. Depressing as all get out with Jennifer Lawrence making my Best Actress list. You see this film you don't forget it.

8.The King's Speech

The big feel good movie of the year. Colin Firth really deserves the prize over my beloved James Franco. Like Secretariat, you cheer for success even though you know the outcome.

9.Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

Why this movie has not found a distributer is a mystery. One of the best of this genre that will keep you laughing til tears fall.

10.The Music Never Stopped

I don't even know if this movie ever got a wide release, but it should have. A truly indie flick with a huge heart that will make you weep tears of love and redemption. The most sincere movie that does not manipulate your feelings.

Honorable Mentions:

I have tons of favorite films that may not be award worthy, but worth watching. In no particular order:

Secretariat, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Machete, Mao's Last Dancer, The Man From Nowhere, The Social Network, The Ghost Writer, Kick-Ass, Micmacs, Blue Valentine, Youth in Revolt, The People vs. George Lucas, Monsters, Cargo, Lemmy, Pelada, Thundersoul, Exit Through the Giftshop, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Loved Ones, The Good the Bad and the Weird.

WORST FILM of 2010:

This year had an abundance of rom-coms queens, Katherine Heigel, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Queen Latifa and Drew Barrymore redoing the formula flicks of Meg Ryan. Cute, mindless, and basically a waste of time. I'm also annoyed by the over use of 3D to sell animated films to kids. After Avatar, all other 3D is garbage. Including Tron:The Legacy which was disappointing but not bad enough to be included on the Worst of the Year list. Also there are some that I absolutely refused to see like Yogi Bear and Grown-Ups.

1. Sex and City 2
2. The Last Airbender
3. Skyline
4. I'm Still Here
5. Clash of the Titans
6. Cop-Out
7. Alice in Wonderland
8. Marmaduke
9. Wolfman
10. Dinner With Schmucks.

See you in 2011 for more good and bad and weird movies!

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