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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Movies Scheduled for the Week of 7/8- 7/14

Really? Only one movie this week? Well that means you will have time to attend the Asian Film Festival of Dallas that runs July 12 - July 19. Go check out their schedule of films at http://2012.asianfilmdallas.com/ Be there or be square.

As a reminder for those looking forward to The Dark Knight Rises the following week, please keep in mind that asking others for their passes will NOT be allowed until the contests are over. If you attempt to ask before that your posts will be DELETED. Everyone who gets a pass had to jump through the required hoops to get them. That means you have to try to get them too on your own. Don't make others do the work for you. Check the archived messages on the group pages for which contests are still pending.

Another thing...please follow the rules for entering contests. Those that abuse and try to circumvent the system will only make it more difficult for us to get passes in the future. If y'all can't behave, then this group will be shut down and y'all can fend for yourselves. As much fun as it is to have this group, sometimes it's not worth the headaches from a few bad apples.

July 8 - July 14

Jul 8

Jul 9

Jul 10
7:00PM Take This Waltz
The Magnolia

Jul 11

Jul 12

Jul 13

Jul 14

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