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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Movies Scheduled for the Week of 10/14 - 10/20

So did anyone successfully take advantage of the new Studio Movie Grill at Spring Valley during their $1 weekend? Seems like tickets sold out right away for the entire weekend. But what was worse, was that those who bought tickets didn't bother to show up, thus leaving those who couldn't get tickets from filling those seats.

So let's get this straight again. This group shares information about the free screenings in the area. We tell you what contests to enter, where to go pickup passes, or places to join and print off passes. The moderators do NOT personally have passes sitting in a pile waiting to send them out. The moderators have to jump through hoops like everyone else. We don't always win them either.

It also never fails that as soon as the calendar goes out people suddenly realize they don't have Paranormal 563 or whatever. Y'all should be entering the contests or going to those pass pickups. Someone went through the energy doing themselves and you're asking for their pass? Make an attempt on your own or wait until someone offers theirs when they can't make the screening. Just don't reply to them via the group. Write directly to them, not to us.

October 14 - October 20

Oct 14

Oct 15

Oct 16

7:30PM Alex Cross - AMC Northpark
7:30PM Silver Lining Playbook - Studio Movie Grill Royal

Oct 17

8:00PM Trainspotting - Sundown at the Granada

Oct 18

7:00PM Wreck it Ralph - Cinemark 17
7:00PM Paranormal Actitivy 4 - AMC Northpark
7:30PM The Sessions - Angelika Dallas
8:00PM Rear Window - Angelika Patio

Oct 19

Oct 20

10:30AM Fun Size - AMC Northpark
11:00AM Fun Size - Amstar 14

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