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Friday, February 24, 2012


By now, we have pretty much figured out what our viewing experiences will be like with a new release from producer/writer/actor Judd Apatow.  “ Wanderlust” proves to be not much of a different overall, eye-opening experience than 40 year old Virgin, Knocked Up, Saving Sarah Marshall and Bridesmaids.  Open minded viewers will have a fun time at this new laugh fest.  But do yourself a favor and avoid this film if you are not a fan of the former films.  We know that there will be several scenes of a “squirmy” nature and we are not disappointed.  Do not bring the young children.  You have been warmed. 

The story finds struggling couple Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd vacating the bright lights, big city of New York to move to Atlanta to live with a brother and sister in law in Atlanta, for a potential new job and a chance to become financially independent.  On the way there, they are stranded near a commune, conveniently located by their GPS and called Elysium, which is filled with colorful, interesting, and free spirited souls who believe in sharing “everything” and working together for the common good.  Nudists, nature, pot and free love opportunities are plentiful.  The Elysium residents provide us with a wide range of new characters to meet and come to appreciate for their own idiosyncrasies and gifts.

The movie rings true to the title as the couple does indeed seem to be wandering through life, but unfortunately so does the film.  It wanders….. alot.   A renewed lust for life, for each other and eventually others, is the journey the couple follows until predictable and ultimately, one of them has had enough.   Bet you all can guess what happens and why jealousy rears its ugly head. Especially if you are married to Jennifer Aniston.  Do we stay?  Do we go?   Do I stay? Do you go?  What do we do?  Do I cheat?  Do you cheat?  Do we cheat?   Indecisiveness is rampant.

Our couple finds that life can be filled with beauty, music, love, friendship, illicit substances and so much more, of a hedonistic nature.  Gone is the responsibility and stress of the everyday struggle to survive and be happy.  They seem happier there, especially after spending a few days under the roof of the “crazy couple’s house” that is in Atlanta.  They yearn for acceptance and unconditional love which the brother in law does not provide, due to some latent sibling rivalries.  

If you were amused by and laughed at former Apatow offerings, this one will be more of the same.  Some lame jokes, same situation dependence on genitalia,  and some new funny situations.  But the viewer must be pretty comfortable will all that the “free to be you and me” generation was into.  Young and old, with special emphasis on old. You will this reference near the end.    Is it a great film?  Not really.  Will it entertain you?  You bet.   Put more phrases, images and classic scenes into popular culture.  Probably.  Go see it? Sure.  For the fans of Aniston, Rudd and Apatow.    Based on all the laughter I was hearing around me…….this film is funny.   It keeps your attention but doesn’t quite feed your mind or soul like communal life is intended to. 
(Review by Cheryl Wurtz)

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