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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Metallica Through the Never

It's hard to believe that Metallica has been around since 1981 with 110 million albums sold around the world. It's even more impressive that they still deliver a hard rocking concert experience that is featured in a 3D Imax experience in the new film by director Nimród Antal (Predators) using a storyline that highlights the band's performance. Written by Antal and the band members the concept entails a roadie sent on a mission while the band plays it's hard driving sound.

It was filmed without breaks from four live concerts in Canada. The stage is a free form design set in the middle of the crowd that allows the band members to move freely to each microphone to different sections of the audience. The floors were fitted with LED screens designed by Mark Fisher which showed video images. High flying cameras were able to show wide angles of the stage while Steadicam operators maneuvered around the various stage props that rose from the floor. There were multiple crosses for Master of Puppets and during And Justice for All a 50 foot statue of Lady Justice that was assembled on stage then toppled in a dusty crash. Not to mention the lights, lasers and pyrotechnics that exploded around the musicians.

While the music rages on, the story of Trip (Dane Dehaan) flashes in and out of the musical numbers. He's a gofer roadie that is sent by the manger to find a truck that ran out of gas. The truck has in it something that the band needs no matter what. He's given the keys to a van and a gas tank to complete the mission. On his way the kid takes a pill while he drives through the night time deserted streets. It's an apocalyptic nightmare world where people are fighting with each other, police cars are on fire, and a guy on horse is hanging people by their necks. The images are raw, sometimes brutal, in beat with the music like For Whom the Bell Tolls, Wherever I May Roam, Cyanide, and Nothing Else Matters. All the hits that will make true fans sing along.

This is one of those near perfect concert movies that not only give the viewer the full enjoyment of a live concert without being stuck in a hot sweaty arena with thousands of Metallica fans, but also gives you a curious and visually stunning story. It's pure rock and roll anarchy.
(Revew by reesa)

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