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Thursday, September 19, 2013


This is masterful filmmaking. Everything from the script to the editing of the film is perfection. The directing is solid and is the directors the first Hollywood picture and it doesn't show. It is flawless and smooth all the way through. The director had a great vision for the story. He led the actors into fantastic performances. Hugh Jackman plays a complex character and something that we have never really seen from him. This is his best movie to date. Jake Gyllenhaal also surprised me and was actually my favorite part. All of the supporting cast was great. Paul Dano is also in it and that man needs to win an oscar already. The cinematography is beautiful and sometimes eerie. Roger Deakins is a world class cinematographer and it still shows in this film. The editing is top notch and keeps you gripped on its 156 minute runtime. It is also edited to where each new scene starts at the end of it. By that I mean it plops you right in a scene as if stuff happened before. This a great thriller and reminded me of Zodiac (which Gyllenhaal was also in) with its cold, beautiful look. It was like a thriller from the 40's. This is a great movie and it's in my top ten of the year. This is a brilliant film. 10/10
(Review by Chase Lee)

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