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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get Him to the Greek

Adam Greenberg is an idealistic intern for a big record company. When he suggests bringing rock icon Aldous Snow to the Greek Theater in LA for a 10th year anniversary, his boss tells him fetch Snow from England and deliver him to the theater for the performance. Unfortunately for Adam, Snow is an over the top hard drinking, drug indulging, out of control rock star and will not go quietly.

The film opens with the truly tasteless music video from Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) “African Child” that was voted the worst record in the entire history of rock music On top of that his long time girlfriend Jackie O (Rose Bryne) and mother of his child just broke up with him and is now dating everyone. He is estranged from his ex-manager and musician dad who is living in Vegas. Adam (Jonah Hill) approaches Snow like a fanboy and willing to do anything that Snow wants including picking up women and partying. Adam is susceptible as he had a fight with his live in girlfriend before he left. He is also drowning is sorrows and easy prey to Snow’s manipulations. This includes nights of debauchery and forcing to hide his drugs where the sun doesn’t shine to get through airport security. All the while Adam’s boss Sergio (Sean “Diddy” Combs) is telling him to do anything that Snow requests just as long as he gets him to the performance on schedule. The buddy road concept takes the duo to New York where Snow is to appear on the Today show. Adam wanting to keep him sober drinks and smokes Snow’s stash, then in that condition he has to track down the lyrics to the song Snow has to perform live. There’s also a stop in Las Vegas to reconcile with Snow’s dad. Adam ends up smoking some concoction that requires stroking a furry wall so as not to freak out. Somehow Adam has to find a way to make peace with his girlfriend and survive this epic journey with Snow in tow.

Nicholas Stoller who also directed Forgetting Sarah Marshall and producer Judd Apatow team up again for another manic comedy romp using the same character from the previous film. There’s even a little nod with a small scene with Kristen Bell. The humor is raw and raunchy at times but keeps it above the usual college aged aimed comedies. There are some serious notes as Snow and Adam contemplate their individual issues which help to give the characters more depth. Snow’s music is like power rock with the most amazingly inane lyrics. The performance in front of the live audience came from Russell Brand’s comedy act before the filming started. The background scenes of Snow with various other celebrities were done while Brand as hosing the MTV movie awards. Leave the kids at home and enjoy.
(Review by Reesa)

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