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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

AFFD: Eat With Me

The Asian American cast and filmmakers is presumably the reason why it's included in this year's program at the Asian Film Festival Dallas. But the issues and story should be identifiable to most everyone no matter what ethnicity. Director/writer David Au presents his debut feature film that is funny and unexpected. It's been featured in film festivals all over the world and winning awards. So if you missed the charming little film you can watch it Online at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/eatwithme?r=davidau

Emma (Sharon Omi) is a nice quiet older woman whose most exciting moment in her daily life is smothering her food in hot sauce. One night her husband Ray (Ken Narasaki) cuts off his wedding band because it's giving him a headache. When Emma asks if he's going to have it fixed, he blames the headache. So Emma jumps on the train and heads to see her son Elliot (Teddy Chen Culver) who runs and cooks at a Chinese restaurant left to him by his mother's brother. Emma and Elliot are a estranged since when he came “out” to her, she did not take it well. So he's surprised to see her at his store asking if she can stay with him. Awkwardness abounds as Elliot hides the fact he's behind on his store mortgage and customers are dropping. Not only his mom, but his co-workers Jenny (Jamila Alina) and James (Scott Keiji Takeda) both tell him his food is boring and they need to spice up the menu.

Elliot is basically in a rut just like his mom. Emma has no clue what she is doing but finds some freedom in cleaning her son's house without her husband around. She meets the eccentric neighbor Maureen (Nicole Sullivan) who invites her in enabling her to drink, go to a belly dancing class, and get her to talk about what's bugging her. Especially after she discovers Elliot's Beefcake magazines. Meanwhile Elliot who has some intimacy issues feeling dissatisfied with friends with benefits booty calls. Until he meets Ian (Aidan Bristow) who after a quick hook up in the mens bathroom at the club where Ian is playing and is confused when Ian gives him his phone number. Ian meets him the next day and tells Elliot that there may be something between them and wants to take it slow.

In a hilariously silly sequence Emma mistakenly takes some ecstasy at Maureen's thinking it was aspirin and forces Maureen to do some too so she is not alone during the experience. For the first time Emma lets her hair down. When she goes back to Elliot's place she discovers her son and Ian sleeping in his bed. Confused she goes for a walk and gets some sage advice from gay guru George Takei who she meets at the park.

Outstanding performances from Sharon Omi and Teddy Chen Culver as they learn to communicate with each other. The light in Emma's eyes as Elliot asks her to show him how to make dumplings will steal your heart. The sex scenes are done tastefully and it helps the cast is attractive (as in hot). Nicole Sullivan is a hoot. Just wish the camera wasn't so close to everyone's faces all the time. The last part of the movie ties everything up nice and neatly, it's all feel good but you may want to indulge in some handmade Chinese dumplings afterwards. Truly. Call your order in before seeing this movie.
(Review by reesa)

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